Thursday, April 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: 8 Years Ago I looked like this...

 In honor of it being my Alani's 8th birthday today (click here to see more on my KANDEELAND blog)...
I thought I'd post what I look like a little over 8 years ago.
As you see me with my mom above, and me with my baby-garden-belly (and my really awesome roots, since I didn't highlight them again while I was pregnant, or after, really!). It's a good thing my hair grows slower than the average human!

And me, with my sister, Tiffany, before she had any of her babies, and still did things like snowboarding. As you can see in the picture, I was not snowboarding!
What's funny is I still own those olive green, wrap-around pants I got at Urban Outfitters, way before I was pregnant and I still own them way after! Talk about bang for your buck!

I'm off to try to edit the hair tutorial for this video:

 to get it up for you guys, and to go deliver cupcakes to Alani's class, and to get the house all decorated to surprise her when she comes home from school!

Bday hugs to everyone who has a birthday today, this week, this month....or this YEAR! (hee hee hee), your Kandee

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