Saturday, March 19, 2011

Acid washed nails!!!

I even did my nails to look like jeans today! They are even textured like denim!
I used a dark blue polish and a silvery glitter one for texture.

1. first paint the glitter polish on to get texture
2. then go over it with the blue polish
I did an "acid washed" look on my thumb!
Just reverse the order

1. first paint on you blue polish
2. then go over with the silvery glitter to look like the acid-vintage wash jeans!
SOOOO fun...and you nails feel so cool!

You can do this with any polishes...but in case you want to know what I used...
Societal TRansformation and Just a Bit of Bling by Dreams by Neihule polish!

Now I'm off to go to the Levi's event with my denim nails!
Yay...I'll tell you all about it later!
love in blue jeans....your kandee

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