Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Waking Up in the Best, Best Western!

Good Morning from a Best Western hotel room...
me: with morning hair
who needs make-up when you have pillow-scrubbed hair like this! ha ha ha
yes, I'm a bag lady:
computer bag (can you believe I found it at Whole Foods...I think the company is called Fluff), Hello Kitty purse and another Hello Kitty Bag! 

what I see out the sliding glass door: isn't this the cutest Best Western hotel you've ever seen?
It reminds me of disneyland, near it's a small world...little stream, fun lollipop lights, the hedges are cut into fun designs...and they have a waffle making machine in the lobby for your complimentary breakfast! Fun! Fun! Fun! (I had one! yumbo!)

waffles and a meow from hello kitty...your kandee

(click here to be instantly teleported to fam, daily lifey blog, and I have make-up on in those pictures, ha ha ha!)

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