Friday, March 18, 2011

I got a haircut!

Tada! My new haircut!- Cut by none other than yours truly.
My favorite haircuts....have been the ones I've given myself! ha ha ha  And it saves you all kinds of money!  Unless you do a real bad job and have to pay to get it fixed!

I cut all these "kandee haircuts" myself:
(unfortunately I can't find any pictures with my nearly shaved head...this is as close as we got and this is months afterwards, with just little bits of hair peeking out of my headband...ha ha ha)

I would have done a video, but I was worried I might really mess it up, and my cutting style is pretty non-traditional and non-prefect....I just sculpt it with a razor where ever if feels like the hair is too heavy! So, just whatever feels right! ha ha ha
Don't worry....that top picture looks like I whacked off all my hair, but I left a little on the bottom!

What I did:
*blow dryed my hair like normal
*then once you can see where your hair wants to go when it's dry...
 just carve away with the razor
*I cut my bangs and carved out little chunks, like in my how to cut your bangs at home video
(I'll post it below...I love how I'm still wearing that same shirt from 2 years ago in videos that I just made!ha ha...and my old favorite yellow amber ring and watch, are in this video...I miss them!)
~cool tip:
think of your hair like curling ribbon on presents...
how you carve it with the side of the scissors into a curl....
that how you carve your hair to curl or curve where you want it to

Have fun with your hair...when I was in beauty school, my hair was a different color every few weeks...and so many different hair styles....
red, platinum, burnt orange, dreads...bob, short pixie cut, longer Amelie like hair....

happy hair day...from my trash can full of the hair I cut off! ha ha ha...kandee scissor hands

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