Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reason's why I'm smiling so big:

#1. because I think it's hilarious how much I talk with my hands in videos
(please look at these screen grabs I took!) ha ha ha
"hi, I'm Kandee and I have 5 fingers on this hand"
"and this hand shapes make a rabbit-jumping-in-a hole silhouette on the wall"
"anda this is how my rings just magically stay on my fingers when my hands are upside down..amazing!" ha ha ha

#2. I get to give you guys something to win!!!!

#3. I am so excited because Levi's let me pick out a free pair of jean AND invited me to their Calling All Curves event at the San Francisco Union Square store this Saturday, March 19th!
I can't wait to meet you guys there!
(I've never done anything like this before!)

#4. Now I don't have to wear my maternity jeans anymore!!! hooray!!!!!!

#5. They are letting me give away a $50 gift card to one of you guys too!
(just comment below the youtube video...I'll pick a winner at midnight on March 19th, after the event!YAY!)

Here's the video...enter as many times as you can even tweet me  ( about it too for an entry:
tell me yur fav LEVI piece of clothing ever, or your first pair of levi's (where they acid washed?!? hee hee)
and here's the video....
huge love and lots of denim...ha ha....
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