Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh What a priceless gift you all are!

yesterday was so amazing and i just want to thank everyone that came out and patiently waited in line so long to let me hug them at the Levi's store in San Francisco!
 (really blurry and really rainy!)
Since I've never done anything like this before...I had no idea how it would go!
And they offered to film and document my day for me to upload on youtube, so everyone that missed it could see what it was like.
The funny part is, they had "real" fancy video cameras and lights..and microphones...and a whole crew!
I'm used to it being just me...doing everything myself - no fancy lights or crews or anything! ha ha
I took alot longer to shoot everything that way, than when I do it! ha ha ha

The absolute best part was seeing everyone that came!
And for everyone letting me hug them and take pictures with them!
(I love her leopard pants!)
And Ora, from France, who was dressed so cute (everyone was so cute and stylish!)...even blogged about it and had some fun behind the scenes pictures that are so fun!
click here to read her blog about it!

 I wanted to thank every, precious and beautiful face and heart, that I got to see yesterday!
That was the best part!
To see all your precious faces, hug you, and hopefully add a little more love to your heart!! That meant the world to me!!! You have no idea how much each one of you mean to me...and to feel your love in person is something I can't even try to describe with words! Each one of you has become like a beautiful flower, in the garden of my heart...
sometimes we all get lonely and sad...but knowing that someone loves you can help you get through anything! You guys have helped me in sad times just sending me your love filled words! And I want you to know, even though I haven't been able to meet you in person...(i don't need to see your face...:)...I love you!

 I want to thank Levi's...not just for giving me some awesome jeans (that I'm wearing right now) or for letting me eat free cupcakes at the Curve ID event, hee hee...but for giving me the chance to meet everyone in San Francisco...that was a priceless gift and day and I will never forget it!

I am so sorry if I didn't get to spend as much time with each one of you....the production team had a really crazy schedule to get everything done...and I had to make sure I didn't mess anything up for them! so I'm so sorry....if it was just me I would've stayed there for hours! (well, as long as baby stayed sleeping with my mom! ha ha click here to read how much I was running back and forth! ha ha)

And to Brooks (with the beautiful eyes): I tried to post the picture I took of us but both of our eyes were closed! You are going to be amazing!

huge love from San Francisco...where we are stuck for one more day because of a severe storm warning and the possibly closing the roads to get home today! (good  thing we brought extra socks and undies! ha ha)...
your kandee

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