Friday, March 11, 2011

HAIR HOW TO: Messy Beach Hair Curls

what a get to learn a super fast hair do...and see me, sans face decorations! ha ha ha

I love the messy beach hair look...not only does it remind of the classic California Beach "surfer girl" style hair...
 (can't you just hear the ocean waves...feel the warm breeze...and smell the salty ocean and coconut-y suntan lotion!?!)
  • kinda messy
  • kinda chunky curls from the salt water
  • not at all perfect...
  • just a classic, "not-trying-to-hard" hair style!
i love it!

I don't know how to surf...but I can show you how to get surfer girl hair, even if you're no where near a lake!

Here's what you need:

2. A big barrel curling iron of flat iron

3. And any kind of hair wax product (to separate the curls into your kinda "beach dreads"...ha ha)
any wax will work

4. hair and your hands

you can make an cheap at home solution for beachy hair:
take any kind of body or baby powder- sprinkle a little on your finger tips and rub it into your roots..instant messy volume!
fake some salt water:
either mix some salt in a spray bottle with water or dampen your hands in some water water that salt has dissolved in and scrunch it in you hair!

CHEAP and easy! Now let's get ready to send our hair to the beach!

sand in your toes...k@ndEe

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