Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things I LOVE!

I love being in LA...at the Grove

i love that my sister took a picture of me walking out of the MAC store..ha ha

i love this new nude lipstick I bought at MAC
it's the new Sheen Supreme Lipstick from MAC in Supremely Confident (you know me and my SUPREME necklace...this it's nude....recipe for greatness! ha ha(

i love my black & gold Glitter polish (Dreams by Neihule polish in GLAMTASTIC)
that I love  a new self-tanner because I had run out and was looking ree-donkulously pale...and then I found this box from Rodial, an amazing self tanner from the UK...they had sent it to me to try out
it seems to be really great, insta-tan...no waiting 5 hours to look tan..."great, by the time I'm back home and no one will see me anymore i'll be tan!" ha ha ha
(it's Rodial Airbrush Brazilian Tan, I'm so glad I just found it before I left for LA..., it is great, you only need a little..but you look like you just spent a week in the sun!) I didn't know how much it cost til I looked up where to get it in the US...it's $49, but if you self tan, it's way cheaper than 100 tanning sessions...and way safer than cooking in the sun!
Click here to see where to buy it in the US

Me and my sister were saying how crazy it is that there are so many attractive people in LA...
everyone is tan and healthy looking...it's a good thing I had my fake tanner.(ha ha ha...)...so no one would know I've been hiding in my house for weeks, far from the sun!
...I love my neice's outfit...
and most of all....
I love my sister and her precious lil girl!

and i love all of you reading this...! kandee

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