Saturday, November 6, 2010

Make-Up Shmake-Up & Bullying

I am so glad that everyone that reads my blog and knows me...knows that I am more than make-up videos and beauty blog posts....

I am not afraid for anyone to see me without make-up...example...above photo...(notice all the freckles...) ha ha ha

Recently I just posted a video to help save a girl's life...and there were over 20,000 comments on the video...with the most disturbing, hate filled, evil comments I've ever seen. Things that serial-killers would say, and maybe they wouldn't even write such disgusting things either. The internet provides an area for sick individuals and "boldly" type their disgusting and twisted thoughts without having to say it to anyone's face.

enter the HATERS & BULLIES
I can tell when one of my videos is being watched by a "larger audience" than my normal kind-hearted "Kandee Fan-base"....
I see comments calling me all kinds of names, saying how stupid and ugly I am.
And I realize how hurtful all the cyber bullying is....bullying anywhere!
I can't care what some "faceless" commenter on youtube thinks....I don't even know how sane or mentally stable they are in the place! (ha ha ha ha)
People who are mean and cruel, love to spill out mean and cruel things. They are filled with hate, sadness, bitterness, and have nothing but all of that mess to spew out on everyone else.
Please don't EVER let some random mean comment on the internet hurt you...
I've been told everything from: "I should just kill myself in my next video" a million different things people have pointed out about how ugly, manly, fake, annoying, name it, people have said...and then some!
Know that HURTING people, HURT people! They don't know how to be nice or say something kind. the language that speak in, is the language or hurt and pain. That's the main way they communicate.
And the sad part is...they are probably most miserable people you'll ever meet.

If you are dealing with a BULLY (this could be someone at work, school, or even your own home):
know that they are sad, hurting, and ultimately pathetic...they are destined for a life of misery, complaining, sadness and depression...
know that you are wonderful.....I don't care what they say:
*talk how you want
*dress how you want
*be who you want to be
The cowards are the ones who make fun of everyone...
the heroes are the ones who celebrate everyone for being different and unique.
(is this the face of someone that looks like they are filled with joy and! Put your dukes down little buddy!)
I think you're fabulous...and I would stand up for you. I would congratulate you and encourage you for being different, for not caring what a "bully" says or types (the most cowardly bully's are the ones who leave comments doesn't take a rocket scientist to know it's easier to type something into your computer than say it to someone's face!)
Know that I get thousands of people leaving me downright evil comments. I don't even read past the first sentence...or the best part is...sometimes they've taken the time to type some mean remark...and I never even see what their hot-tempered, angry selves, have written! ha ha ha

That silly old saying: sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me...
well, not true..sometimes the names hurt us and can stick with us longer than some broken bone that's healed...

Don't even let the names get a chance to bother you...the strongest most amazing people I've ever met....have been teased and made fun of, laughed at and mocked...and you know what....they all went on to do amazing things...the bullies..sadly did not.

Let the words that come out of your mouths today...lift up and encourage everyone you talk to. Start your day out with positive words and compliments....and you just watch what happens in your day!
Sure your day may be filled with frustrations or hard things....but your "attitude" will decide the "altitude" of your happiness....

make today amazing..put on your deflector shield for "haters & bullies" like I do.....and choose to be a "postive-ator"....and a "luvvy" (opposite of a bully)....

so let the people say I'm ugly....I don't care....people can say whatever they want...let them say I'm fake...they have no idea what real is, what real love I have to share with the world...most of those people have never even seen me in real life or even ever talked to me to know my heart...
but I will gladly say....make-up schmake-up...look at me without anything on...I'm not scared! ha ha ha
And most of the time, I bare my heart even more than I have a bare face without make-up!

huge love and hugs of protection from bullies, haters, and anyone who says anything mean to you....
you kandee


Anonymous said...

Love ur blog... love ur face without make up .. love ur personality... and love u too ^__^

angel in u,,

Rachel said...

Kandee you are so special. Don't let anyone make you think any differently! I love you just the way you are and think that you are the greatest!

Unknown said...

Love you Kandee! Everything you wrote is true. It takes a lot more energy to be mean and hateful than loving and kind, those bullies are missing out on life. I think you are beautiful inside and out!

Sammiebbz * said...

i dont understand how anyone can be mean to ya kandee! your the sweetest youtuber goin! you give us adivce,tips and tricks shouldnt they be gratefull that your sharing them? :/

anyways i hope none of the haters get you down cos there more people out there are loving you! and supportin u all thew the way :)

Anonymous said...

It's horrible that there's so many people like that in the world!

I think your attitude to life is amazing, don't let the bullies get you down!

And you look beautiful without make up on, just ignore those nasty comments!

Ai said...

I hate how the haters can't keep their thoughts to themselves... I don't understand how anyone, after seeing the state Kristie is in, could say anything mean... it seriously breaks my heart :(

You're an angel Kandee♥


Anonymous said...

Love this post, Kandee. You have a beautiful heart, and I love reading what you write. I'm glad to hear you don't let the negativity of unhappy people get you down. Wishing you the best. <3

Myriam said...

Kandee you really are a true diamond that sparkles every day, spreading shine, hope and love to everyone. And I love you so much for that. As you say, it's not only about make-up, it's much more than that !!! It's about life, dreams and happiness. I admire you more and more everytime I read you or I watch your videos. You helped me getting out of my long depression, that I was fighting against it for so long so badly. Today, it's barely gone... I hope so !
Now when I see that you're breaking rocks to save Kristie's life, it reminds me again that you're definitely an angel. You're a single mom of 3 beautiful kids, a pregnant woman, you have a job, planning all your last glaminars, filming new videos for your youtubers.... and you always find time to help with all your energy and influence people in bad situations : you let anyone on the side of the road.
Always about Kristie, even if I'm living in France, I sent your video to many people... even to other "beauty gurus" that I follow on youtube... and I can now say that they really disappointed me : Elle Fowler (allthatglitters21) and her sister Blair Fowler (juicystar07) seems apparently too busy with their new life of "superstars" in L.A., on set of their own reality show... to help a poor girl like Kristie. What a surprise, well good luck for them and their beautiful, perfect and glamorous life... Few days ago, Blair Fowler told in one of her videos that she would love to be part of a charity action... well, to bad for her, she might have a new hobby today...
Again, I love you so much Kandee, in my opinion you're the most beautiful, sweet and generous person that I've met since a very long time. Keep going that way and never let celebrity change you and the way you illuminate the world. Take care of your family and of your baby girl.

Xoxo, huge love from Paris, France
- Myriam

Fernanda said...

I really don't understand why those people mind their own business! The internet is huge...why don't they go and watch or read other blogs instead of yours if they don't like it! That is what I don't understand! I am not ok with many things that are on I don't watch it! I think that you are sweet and I like the things that you teach in your blog and youtube!...therefore I watch it!

The people who are mean to you...well, they don't have lives! Who has time to watch things that they don't like to just leave dumb pathetic!

Well, I guess people are entitled to their opinions...I like you and find you super sweet! Thanks for what you do Kandee!

indianmakeupways said...

thanks for this kandee. I was feeling real down today as i received some hate comments today morn and u r hurts like hell. And it is a miracle tat u posted this today itself when I was feeling so low and I even thought of taking a hiatus from blogging....but after tat I thought...i shouldn't let some random ill mannered idiot dictate as to how I want to live my life! Once again thanks for this post...u surely lifted my spirits. If someone as nice ,caring & warm as u gets hate comments then I dont even wanna think abt the rest of us. anyway & peace kandeeeeeeee

Penny Pincher said...

I think it's pretty obvious to MOST people why haters hate and love every minute of it.
It is because they are dead and empty inside.
They've never been the kind of person that people care much about, they've never been what they consider beautiful-especially on the inside, and to them when they see someone who is beautiful on the INSIDE and on the outside they cannot stand it!
Especially knowing that this person has everything they've always wanted and will never get.
It fills them with rage and they must speak out. They think that by attempting to hurt them, saying such ridiculously immature and retarded things, that it'll actually hurt that person, that it'll make them at least PARTIALLY as miserable as they are.
It would almost be sad that there are people like this, people that are so disgusting on the inside that no one cares about them, it would ALMOST be sad, it would only be sad if they at least ATTEMPTED to be a decent person in life instead of some horribly pathetic boob that ONLY lives for trying to tear others down to make themselves feel better.
If only they would see that they too can be beautiful on the inside, they just have to try! They have to cleanse their heart of all their pent up anger and jealousy, cleanse it and start fresh.
Try to change out all that disgusting stuff for good! Fill up all the empty with what REALLY matters.
Looks do NOT matter but it seems to be what drives these people most of all. They cannot stand to see "attractive" people, especially not popular, successful, attractive people.
If they would just let go, learn to have happiness for others and learn to try to find happiness for themselves, they could really be a beautiful person too.
They'd only have to TRY...
But these people are usually hopeless, they love their misery and feed it every chance they get...
All we can do is pray for them and ignore them.
God bless you Kandee! :)
I'm glad you know the truth about haters and that they don't bother you one teeny bit.
You know who you are, you know that you have joy, love, and peace in your heart and that you share that with others.
You give sunshine to so many Kandee, we all love you so much for that! :)
YOU make this world a better place, you really do! ((HUGS)) ♥

Unknown said...

This is the most beautiful picture of you so far!

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

I've gone through bullying from elementary to high school..

here's my story

Kandee, I love how you are very real and very friendly. Being in the beauty industry, I admire your kind heart in letting girls see their beauty in their own skin and with their personality.

I admire that you are a strong woman with a pleasant character.

I hope you continue to be you!

Kara Jae said...

Hey kandee!

you are awesome and I admire you so much! Last year, I was Miss New York's Outstanding Teen (I think i said this in another comment before) haha and I created a platform that is called Promoting Prevention: Stop Bullying Before it Starts. Thorugh this platfrom, i go to school teaching kids that bullying isn't right and if they see someone being bullied, how to stop it and cahnge the bullying cycle!

I hope that one day I can instill more bully free zones into schools and communities all around American

Kara, NY :)

mozzikato said...

Hey Kandee,
I just want to say that i don't normally read the comments on your videos, they're kinda irrelevant to me, but after reading your blog here, I went to have a look, and only a couple of pages in I realise how awful these people were.
What I don't understand is what on earth do these people feel like they are achieving by being mean to others that they have never even met? It makes no sense.
I personally think that YOU are beautiful, regardless of how you look, makeup/no makeup... whatever, because you are beautiful inside, you genuinely CARE! You have so much love to give to people you do and don't know... now THAT is real beauty.
And also one of the reasons I regularly read your blog. You are an inspiration
Love Donna x
(One day you should drop by and read my blog! haha)

Noelle Garnier said...

Thank you for the love you constantly share with everyone!

I love your beautiful face without makeup. you're lovely.

But next time you feel like teaching us how to do our makeup ...


do a Rockette makeup look for Christmas.

Please, Kandee.

kandee fam lil sis

Unknown said...

Nice post

Yevgeniya said...

Dear Kandee, it's not fair that you're trying to do so much good to people, helping so many deal with sorrow and feel beautiful, and instead of thanks you get malicious, cruel commentary.

But you should know that there are people whose lives you touch every day. Some of us who follow you on YouTube have learned to watch your videos whenever life takes an ugly turn. You give so many of us strength, cheerfulness, and hope. Watching your videos makes the day brigher, and when things are difficult, boring, tedious, hurtful, or lonely, your videos and blogs are the solution.

So thank you!!! I hope that your fans' gratitude will have a much larger impact on your life than a couple stupid anonymous comments. You are wonderful. Please don't stop! Your fans need you :)

stacygirl4him said...

Kandee I think you're gorgeous without the makeup even on! Gorgeous Gorgeous! So there!

Rachel said...

Kandee you are so beautiful inside and out. I feel so lucky that I got to meet you at your Atlanta glaminar. All the haters and bullies are just jealous because they are sad and miserable people and you're always full if sunshine and smiles. You're a huge inspiration to me. Love Rachel :)

charmed-chick said...

online bullies are just ppl that have nothing better to do and their lives are so miserable and boring they want to make everyone else feel the same, so dont let them win just ignore there negativity x

cuppycakeme said...

Great post Kandee! Love your blog! Wish I could share these words with eveyone! Gorgeous pic!

M said...

I honestly think mean people are just sad people.

Kandee, I cannot understand how could be someone who doesn't see the extremely beautiful person you are - both inside and outside.

You are a light to many hearts out there and every time I read your posts I feel like standing up and clapping my hands. You are that awesome.

The Wirt Family said...

You are a superstar!!! I am so thankful that you took the time to post about Kristie, and other hurting people that you've posted about in the past. Their strength, and yours, can only help this world full of hate and pain. I am so glad that you have had positive influences in your life, and have also made the decision to be a positive influence. Many people out there have not had anyone to encourage them, and to them, you are that person. It still blows my mind that anyone would ever say you are ugly or dumb, when, although I don't know you, I can see you are quite the opposite. I think the word "fake" could not be farther from the truth. You are so real, and so courageous in addition to being gorgeous and a wealth of knowledge. If I could say one thing that I would hope you would hear, it would be: Know that for every one hateful hurtful person out there, there are hundreds and thousands more who stand behind you and support your dreams and your strength!!! We heart you Kandee! Keep up the good work, and good luck with your cupcake!!! said...

Aww kandee you are the sweetest most caring and nice person ever and i cant believe why anyone would want to bully you, they are just jealous that they will never have a heart as big and kind as yours! Anyway who cares what they think, you touch so many people in a way they never could!

keep doing you!

Libby's Pink Vanity said...

I don't understand how people can 'get off' on bullying. Those bullies are pathetic. Those that embrace and enjoy our differences will always have love and understanding in their hearts. We beat out the bullies, in a twist of irony.

Andee Layne said...

your a beautiful person inside and out...sorry you have to deal with such lame people. xo great post

natasha said...

Bee-uti-ful Kandee!!

Just keep on keeping on sweetheart <3

There are literally thousands out there that love and support you.

You are a ray of sunshine in a dark world, and don't let anyone or thing try to darken that beautiful beam of light you carry.
lots of hugs and love xx

PS. I actually think you're most gorgeous without make-up..

Beata said...

Hi Kandee-

I have a Master's Degree in Psychology, it is true bullies do suffer from low-self image and problems that go along with it.

It is certain a big problem. Nevertheless, you are correct that preventing it from getting to you.

We can insulate ourselves by just the very things you have said; work to feel good about ourselves, build strong positive feelings about self, assertiveness, positive self-talk, etc.

The great thing is that the above list can be almost endless.

You are a fantastically positive person!

Unknown said...

I love this post! You look beautiful without makeup! Haters waste their time to be cruel to you and write hurtful comments to make you feel bad. You are a really positive person that I look up to!

Veronika said...

what A BEAUTIFUL POST!!!! I get bullied on my blog sometimes too and now I just delete the comments and don't even let them appear on my blog!

Have you heard Taylor Swift's new song "mean?" from her new album? it's exactly how I feel about pathetic bullies. Here's the lyrics:

You, with your words like knives
And swords and weapons that you use against me
You, have knocked me off my feet again
Got me feeling like a nothing

You, with your voice like nails on a chalk board
Calling me out when I'm wounded
You, picking on the weaker man
You can take me down with just one single blow

But you don't know
What you don't know

Someday I'll be living in a big old city
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?

You, with your switching sides
And your wildfire lies and your humiliation
You, have pointed out my flaws again
As if I don't already see them

I walk with my head down
Trying to block you out
'Cause I never impress you
I just want to feel okay again

I bet you got pushed around
Somebody made you cold
But the cycle ends right now
'Cause you can't lead me down that road

And you don't know
What you don't know

Someday I'll be living in a big old city
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?

And I can see you years from now in a bar
Talking over a football game
With that same big loud opinion
But nobody's listening

Washed up and ranting
About the same old bitter things
Drunk and grumbling on about
How I can't sing

But all you are is mean
All you are is mean
And a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life
And mean, and mean, and mean, and mean

But someday I'll be living in a big old city
And all you're ever gonna be is mean, yeah...
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?

Someday I'll be living in a big old city
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me
And all you're ever gonna be is mean
Why you gotta be so mean?

Unknown said...

this made me cry so much because i no exactly how you feel. You are so beautiful and honest, stay exactly the way you are :) xxxxxx

Yaya said...

Thank you for being you. :)

Colleen said...

I read your blog and watch your videos but never ever leave you any comments. I always enjoy your posts and especially your videos. If anyone says you are ugly they are jealous. You are one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen and you have the ability to transform yourself. You are obviously ambitious, strong-minded, and smart and have a great thing going online and in real life. Definitely don't waste your time reading anything the haters have to say. From what I've seen you go out of your way to help ppl in more ways then one and you are always kind and uplifting spiritually. I never thought to leave you a comment, but this is like the third or fourth post I have seen where you mention these "haters" and I think it is just ridiculous. They are just jealous bc you are one gorgeous gal. Keep your head up and thank you for all your hard work on your videos and web site! I appreciate it.

Wynter said...


I can't tell you just how amazing you are! I watch your videos daily for tips and tricks and it brightens my day. Don't let these people get you down. Brush them off and keep doing what you do!!! You're amazing and thanks for your tips, tricks, and friendship! :)

beautyparler said...

Loved meeting you today at IMATS Toronto, you were simply glowing:) Love your freckles here in the pics. I'm going to try to post a link on my blog about Kristie. Any info is helpful.

Unknown said...

you dont know how much i love u!!
you are like my big sis or my mom =D
i really wanna say more , but i'm not that good in english =(
BTW i wanna give you BIIIG HUUUUG
=P ,, peace

Anonymous said...

I think you are very beautiful! Don't listen to anyone that puts you down. I also think what you did for Kristie was very nice. Of course there's children starving in Africa and everything else but if you have the chance to help someone in front of you, shouldn't you take it? or ignore it because you can't help everyone else too. It doesn't make sense to me. Keep your head up kandee, always! =)

Makeup Overdose said...

kandee your amazing! I love you!


gloria said...

i love your positivitiy! i wish i could be around you in real life. if you spread this much love and sunshine through the internet i bet you are just the most pleasant person to know!

Azaza said...

Ah everything you said in this blog is pretty true. I love how real you are to your subscribers

Unknown said...

Sweetheart I think the video you posted on you tube and on you blog showed how big your heart is and how much you want to help people. If some people are to heartless to see that then they are the one who need help. Brain and Kristie's story touched my heart and i wish there was something more I could do to help them.

This is a big world and there needs to be more people like you Kandee, maybe if they were more like you the world wouldn't be so pain. Who know maybe your video will make a difference for Brain and Kristie.You never know until you try. Kandee you have a beautiful soul and we all love you for that.

Love Libby

Hopi said...

A Luvvy! I love it, Luvvy! : ) And I happen to love your no-make-up look as well as when you're glammed, Kan!
Hearts from Hopi

Unknown said...

Hi kandee u are truely amazing, inspirational, talented, loving, funny and absolutely gorgeous. People that insult u are clearly jealous of not just your inner beauty but also your outter beauty. Your blog and makeup videos are so inspiring reading and watching these things fills my heart with such joy. I am glad u dont let nasty people get u down i just hope kids that read these know that bullying doesnt define who u are you will go on an lead happy, fulfilling lives and that bullying is coming from insecure miserable people. I wish u and your family amazing love health and happiness and ill continue to be a massive fan of yours! Lots of love all the way from australia :-) lucie

Mayo76 said...

These are the perfect words I needed today.

Yesterday someone hurt me and I felt like I was worthless.

Now I know that despite my imperfections, I'm not bad person.

Above all, I have to learn to love myself.

It does get better, I'm sure.

Love for everyone who reads this blog. Love u Kandee

Mayo76 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You are beautiful with or without makeup, and especially beautiful on the inside.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog once again!
You bring so much joy to my life with your blogs and your videos! They honestly brighten my day no matter what has brought me down or just isn't working out. Your such a kind-hearted soul and you have so much love and kindness to give and i just admire you and look up to you in so many ways. I am an aspiring makeup artist and your videos inspire me to do bigger and better things with my dreams and go out there and really make a difference to the world of makeup!

You truly are an inspiration and i can't thank you enough for all you have done for me.

i know you have millions of people emailing you and commenting on your youtube account and on your 2 blogs but if you ever have a spare moment just to say hi or anything it wouldnt honestly make my day not to mention my WHOLE YEAR!!

Millions of hugs and many thanks!
Courtney xoxo

ladyshoes said...

It is sad how bullying people can be on the internet. I think it's how they deal with their own petty hates. They would never say these kinds of things to anyone in person, but on the internet where they are faceless and nameless, they let their bitter hearts out to play. You just can't take it personally.

You are a great person and an inspiration for so many people. You know this and your fans know this. The haters are insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

So keep on doing all the great things you do and us Kandee-fans will keep on watching!!

AZMYLPH said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I believe beauty can be found in EVERYONE.
You have to look for it and if you are "ugly" inside, and if you are angry at the world, you will not find it.
Bullies are extremely INSECURE and they lash out at those they consider to be "weaker" than they are.
Hiding behind a computer monitor makes it even "easier" for them. We need to PITY the bullies because
they have something going on inside that is making them hate and bully. It is hard to not hate them
because YES THEY ARE hurtful, but if you can look PAST THAT and really SEE THEM, you can see
that they are vulnerable, insecure and usually self conscious.

If I say much at all to them, I always tell them that I am sorry they are so insecure and filled with hate
and that I am going to put them on a prayer chain and hope they get help! lol That usually upsets them,
but "Oh well"!

Hope this helps, and you ARE beautiful, inside and out!

Paige Graham said...

Well said, Kandee. You have a sweet heart. People can see your true character within moments of watching any of your videos and if they don't like you, it is truly only THEIR loss. Blessings to you for the love you spread. You are beautiful both inside and out.

ChaseyK said...

You are such an amazing person that you let other people into your lifeand share not just your creative gifts but your beautiful insight to the world. There will always be mean people out there, I just pray for them and hope that someday they become better people. You're right most of them are just hurting and do not know any other way to deal with the hate they have for themselves than to pick on others. You are gorgeous and your soul is a bright and shining star! Thank you for all that you do, everyone that you care for, and allowing us to be a part of your life!

cOoKiElUvR said...

We love you for the great way you make us feel. GOOD! I've defended myself and others from bullies! I teach my kids not to behave like a bully or accept any bad mojo from sad, sad people! Thank yo Kandee you "will reep what u sow!" Sorry I know It in Spanish but check my spelling. :-)

Andrei said...

Dear Kandee,

Today, I had one of the worst days at work I've ever had. I was in a terrible mood when I got home, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Then, I went online and read your blog.

Every time I go online and read your blog, you cheer me up. Today, I really needed it. Thank you for being so awesome to millions of people of out there that you don't even know. You're amazing.

Love always,

Selena said...

Awwwe Kandee, I don't believe that bullies "are destined for a life of misery, complaining, sadness and depression...."

I have hope for them. Keep them in your prayers, especially if you suspect they are hurting inside too.

Pray that God may be able to shine His light through their barriers, and reach their hearts, and bless them with healing and with love and with joy. The best we could do is love them as well.

I think your freckles are adorable by the way, as I'm SURE you've been told countless times before!!

SteelersChick2679 said...

Don't listen to those people. Your a beautiful person inside and out. They say mean and hurtful things because they need to feel better about themselves. It makes them feel better to say mean and hurtful things to others. People can be so ignorant and just not care who's feelings they hurt! So just chalk it up to it is probably someone who is living a miserable life. Keep your head up and I love your videos and think you are beautiful with or without make-up!

Skater Girl said...

I hear you on this one... Been there.. nowadays, I just ignored the bullies and walked away.. my motto is.. I live my life, they can live their life.. Bullies normally are not happy with themselves so they decided to make others misery.. Misery loves company..

Love your blog on this one..

Take care and stay warm... :)

Dottie said...

Hi Kandee - I think that you are so courageous to put yourself out there the way that you do, despite knowing how vulnerable you know that you will be to the anonymous haters, but you really nailed it with this post. you are truly beautiful and my heart is filled with the comments i am reading here, and i share the sentiment, truly. my sisters and i were bullied terribly as kids, and i feel fortunate that, at the age of 44 [well, 45 this month], i am, for the most part, ok. i really think that those individuals wo bully and hate are on a journey as well, and they struggle in a way that might be hard to sympathize with, but it is still there. and you know what? it's beautiful women like you, who love and nurture their sisters and daughters and mothers, who help make that dialog and healing happen. hearing your messages reminds me how simple and joyous it is to just be loving to people. i love the lyrics that the Yevgeniya member shared from Taylor Swift. check out these, as well, if you have a minute, from India Arie and Pheobe Snow, which always lift me up:

India Arie: Song: There's Hope Album: Testimony: Vol. 1, Love & Relationships

Pheobe Snow: Song: Either or Both, Album: Phoebe Snow

Kristie and Brian [my husband's name as well] are still in my heart!

peace, Kandee!

Courtney said...

I HONESTLY can't fathom how ANYONE could think you are ugly. It literally boggles my mind... I mean, make-up aside, you're gorgeous...APPEARANCE aside, you're STILL gorgeous.

It's SO frustrating that people are nasty to you! It bothers me more that they're hurtful to you than when people say bad things about myself! Urgh...

Kandee, I wholeheartedly hope that you truly don't let those jerks get to you. What they say is such a bunch of bull and blatant lies.

We love you for everything you are! I hope you have a fabulous Sunday!


Unknown said...

Kandee! ;) you probably don't have enough time to read all your messages, but know that I trully believe those people are a minority and just trolls and you do good in not paying attention to them, as they deserve not even a second look. And if you end up reading this far... know that I'm sending lots of love your way! you have inspire me and my 9 year old daughter loves you too! we have so much fun watching your videos! please don't ever stop making them!!

Siobhan said...

Kandee, thank you so much for your words. It really is amazing how many of us out there are victims of bullies of one type or another. It is so true what you say about bullies, they live a life of hate and of anger and pass it on, even for no reasons sometimes.

I was bullied off and on (in my homeland of Scotland) as a kid. Mostly, I believe because I have a soft heart and am very accepting of others. It made me an easy target I suppose. I have taken that bullying, and I think in the back of my mind held on to it all these years (I'm a few years older than you). But you know what? Thank goodness for Facebook LOL! I have caught up with some of my bullies and see what you say is true:

"Don't even let the names get a chance to bother you...the strongest most amazing people I've ever met....have been teased and made fun of, laughed at and mocked...and you know what....they all went on to do amazing things...the bullies..sadly did not."

Thank you for helping me put it in perspective!!

Sarah said...

i hope all of these comments show you EVEN MORE how loved and admired you are! your beauty (on the inside and out) shines through your blog, and the world is a better place with you in it! :)

Victore B. Wildewood said...

I love you Kandee! I have to admit, when I first found you it took me a long time to convince myself that you weren't fake. I couldn't understand how someone could be so happy and positive and non judgemental. You are a shining example of pure love. Thanks for being so special!

Just Being Z said...

Kandee, I can never thank you enough for being the kind of person that your are. Thank you so much for writing such inspiring words. I myself cannot say I've been a victim of bullying, but regardless, any words meant to make fun or criticize someone or something are hurtful.
I am glad that you choose not to even take time to read the bad comments. I've never understood why people would do that. If I don't like something, ok, yea I might leave some kind of comment. I would like to think that it's constructive criticism, though. But to just always be putting something down, it downright ridiculous and a waste of time. I bet it's the same people over and over.
Anyways, I love you. Thank you for taking time from your busy life to keep our morales up. Always remember that we do want to watch your next video and read your next blog. I've been hesitant in writing a blog of my own, thinking that I have nothing interesting to say and that no one would read it. Now it's mostly because I'm busier than usual. Because of your words of encouragement, I will start my own blog. It will challenge me to think of different things to write about.
Much love!!! I should go back to writing my ENglish paper! :/
Take care!!!!

Bella HaHay said...

Sad, little depressive people, they're just looking for ways to project their "unhappiness" onto healthy people - basically sinking them to the same level. Negative people are contagious, they know they're doing things that hurt ppl, they feel hurt and afterwards they are contrived to hurt others again. SAPing energies as some may call. "BUT" no one is responsible for negative people. If you're being treated unfairly, judged biasedly that some times it doesn't even make any sense, IT'S NOT YOU.

Life is short, have a healthy life everyone :)

Anonymous said...

I don't even read what the youtubers comment anymore....only REAL Kandee fans count! Like the girl in the MAC store I met today (we just gushed about u) everyone here & and me. :) BTW your freckles are cute. U should hear Natasha Bedingfield's song Freckles. Hahaha its a great song that celebrates true beauty.

Unknown said...

kandee u r really special i love ur attitude and ur personality
dont give them the power

i love u

sara from EGYPT

erikitty said...


Amorailuv said...

Dear Kandee,
I really want to thank you for posting a clear statement to encourage bullying victims. Decades ago, young adults used to have respect towards adults and other people. Now it seems that many of them have none left. Especially with the suicides of recent weeks, it's so important to get the message of inner beauty and self-love out there, and I want to express my gratitude for you doing that. In life, everybody receives hate along with love, and it's so important that we look at the big picture and cherish everything that makes us special.

You have power, Kandee, whether you asked for it in the first place or not. I love your positive and compassionate attitude, even through the hard times. And you have the power to change the world, to change lives with your videos, your smile and your words.

I think you already have.

Deborah said...

You are so beautiful without make-up I can't understand why anyone would say your ugly! You are sooo far from it!

OliveEyel said...

Haters! The world is full of them. People who are so unsatisfied with themselves in life that they have no desire other than to share their miserable negativity with anyone who can see that they even exist. They are just screaming out..."NOTICE ME!" even if it's in a bad way. How I pity them.

We all know that sickness & death exist everyday on a global scale, but the fact that you made it a point to try to help someone in despair, even if it's just ONE person should be commended & not punished, because that one person's life is a precious gift & should be thought of that way. Imagine if every person out there would do the same thing. Imagine if we all took the time out to show someone, anyone, a child or even a family in need some help & support & maybe even try to get others we know to help them out as well? Well then just maybe the world WOULD be a better place!

But sadly the world is also ridden with so many ill willed people who love to hurt & want to pass on their nasty attitudes, spreading their negative messages, hoping to influence others into thinking the way they do. Sadly often times it can even reach our innocent children.

It's for this reason that I disable any comments from being posted on any of the few videos I have posted on YouTube. I will not allow for my kids silly little videos to be commented with insults or ridicule, that would infuriate me to no end. So I don't allow it.

You however sweet wonderful Kandee are now a public figure who helps others with your skills & positivity, therefore you allow us to express our thanks to you with our comments. How sad & blind it is for anyone who cannot see the true inner beauty as well as outer beauty that you possess...especially without make up! I only wish I could feel & look as good without make up as you do doll. Every precious little freckle you have only makes you that much more special!

You're a good hearted person know that, your babies know that, we know that, God above all knows that & although it hurts badly to have mean hurtful things said to and about you I hope that all the love & support from all your Kandee fam gives you the positive boost to ease & even erase all those yucky people's comments from your mind so you can continue on with the positive path you're on. The positive outweighs the negative! You're AMAZING Kandee...we have your back girl!

Big Love & Hugs Always,
: )
Sorry about my's a curse!

Cindy Swanson said...

I was introduced to the concept of internet hatred/hatefulness when I became a fan of Danny Gokey during American Idol Season 8. I was flabbergasted by the hatred directed at Danny because of his faith and the fact that his young wife had died, and people thought he was trying to capitalize on that for sympathy votes. The hatred came not only from ignorant anonymous commenters, but from online entertainment critics and bloggers who had made up their minds to despise him and smear him.

I will never, never understand why people do this sort of thing! Kandee, you have the right attitude about it...ignore the haters; don't even read their remarks.

Know that there are many, many more people who love you and find inspiration from you than there are haters!

Oh, by the way? Danny Gokey's having the last laugh...his country album has done very well, and he's nominated for Breakthrough Artist in the American Country Awards! :)

Crystalynx said...

Dear Kandee,
I don't really know if you read all your comments what people send you, but I just wanted to say this. You are the most amazing person Ive ever seen. THere should be more people like you in the world. I wish I'd have a friend like you, cause i know you are truthful, loyal and very loving.
I hope one day Ill have the money to come one of the places you visit to see you, cause that would make my life so much better, just by meeting the person behind the huge golden heart you have.

ladolcevita said...

All that you've written here is wonderful (except the reason, why you had to write it in the first place). I copied some phrases to tell my daughter, when she is older (and for myself). They are so true: only mean people do mean things (and say mean things). This alone should help us to not care about their words. I really admire you for your positive attitude and kind heart. Thanks, that you share this with us!! Lots of love to you and your kids!!!

Modest Blessings said...

Beautiful Kandee, I can only hope that all the love and positive comments that you receive every day totally out-weigh the comments from the haters. With them it's nothing more than a case of the "tall poppy" syndrome, and it's the people who think so little of themselves that end up being the ones who try to bring everyone else down around them just to make themselves feel better (which it obviously never does, and that's why they keep doing it).




Unknown said...

Kandee, thank you so much for posting this! haha, I have seriously been on Youtube for a good hour battling the haters on your video! They are saying some of the most disgusting things I've ever heard, AND on a video that deserves just the opposite. I was getting so agitated hearing them say the dumbest things about you, when you are one of the sweetest, hugest hearted people on the planet! So I decided to come read your blog, and I got myself to calm down. hahahaha. You're so right, they don't matter the tiniest bit, what really matters is trying to save Kristie's life! Thank you again for being as beautiful, and amazing as ever!

Unknown said...

Thank you Kandee, that you're a sweet angel on this world who's showing how to be a wonderful person with extraordinarily beautifull heart!


Anonymous said...

I really am shocked that anyone could hate you and say a mean word about you. That makes me sad. Everything I see or hear from you is nothing but encouraging and very sweet and heartfelt. Those people must be very delusional. I for one am so grateful that you are strong and push past the bully/haters because you are a very inspiring woman. You help so many people with your lovely spirit and heart. Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge and for your inspiring spirit. =O)

HannahB* said...

I was bullied at school for years and even now sometimes i have sad days when something reminds me of it, but i dont mind having the bad days as it makes my good days soooo much better! I have the most wonderful boyfriend i could ever ask for and the most hansome lil boy i could have ever wished for he really is a miracle after loosing 2 babys 1 of which was a molar pregnancy of the worst kind! But to bullies i will say this!... You may hurt people with your poisoned tongue but 1 day you will need someone to love and someone to love you back but because of the person you are this you will never have, you will never know the love shared between you and the most precious thing you could ever imagin and i can walk by holding my head high knowing that i deserve to be loved and you will never have anything better than a sad miserable life. That is the best result i'l ever need to see! To people that have been bullied, you are beautiful and never forget that! bullies are scared of whats different and that makes them pathetic! x

Lisa said...

Thanks for writing this Kandee! When I saw how out of control some comments have gotten on the Kristie video I tried SO hard to make everyone see that the disrespectful comment-makers are so hurt and frustrated that they can't understand our love... but I'm not sure if enough people read it cause they always commented back on these comments instead of praying for their hurt soul.

You are such a beautiful woman and you have one amazing heart and you should always protect it from not getting hurt.
Lots of love from Austria to you!

Lisa said...

of course I meant you should protect your heart so it won't get hurt. haha sorry English is just not my mother tongue^^ xxx

Harvie xXx said...

Thanks for your words, always full of speak from the heart, thats why your so loved! if only there were more people like you out there.

Huge love xXxxxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Love what you wrote! Love your honesty, your bare face, just you being you.
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Kandee, you are so wise for your years (this coming from a 50-year old woman)! You said, "Know that HURTING people, HURT people! They don't know how to be nice or say something kind. the language that speak in, is the language or hurt and pain. That's the main way they communicate." That is so very true. I listen to Fr. Richard Rohr, and he says something very similar (and I'm paraphrasing here), "those who do not learn to TRANSFORM their pain will certainly TRANSMIT their pain." Bullies are soul-injured, hurting people who have received nothing but a legacy of pain from those around them.

Keep doing what you do, living how you live, and transforming YOUR pain so that you can help others transform theirs. Love you!

Your sis,


jae0719 said...

Hey Kandee~ First off, I just want to say that I sincerely hope that Kristie Tunick receives the help that she so desperately needs. I think it's amazing that you're spreading awareness about Kristie's situation.

After watching your video on youtube about Kristie, I read the comments that people posted, and needless to say....I was shocked and horrified. I guess I naively assumed that there would be nothing but messages of support and encouragement. It really saddens me to see how jaded people are.... As much as it angers me to read some of the things that people posted, the only thing we can really do is ignore all of the negativity. If only there were more people like you out there, who focused on raising people up instead of beating them down....

Thank you for being you and doing what you do. Keep spreading joy and beauty like you always do! :) God bless~~

Tora said...

Kandee, I've been watching your videos for a while now. I don't understand how one could hate you being so cheerful, so lovely. Probably the reasons you have mentioned are behind those things you'd been told. But this behaviour "bullying" is against the law in most countries no matter what form those doing it are choosing to use. I am glad to read you can deal with those people, never let them reach you in your soul. You are brave and beautiful no matter what others telling you, your personality made me feel better, you have pushed me through my bad days only by being so kind and cheerful. And you are talented. I always wonder how skillfull you use make up techniques to turn your face into Michael Jackson's, or Snow White's or even Monroe's. THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD HEARTED AND LOVELY GIRL. AND THANKS FOR YOUR MOM TOO, FOR WHO YOU ARE.

Unknown said...

Goodmorning Kandee,
I think you have a huge and wonderful heart! I truly understand where you are coming from and how haters are hurt and sad souls. I had it as a child,one mean spirited girl in my cul de sac who would do anything to make me look bad in front of others and a truly Joan Crawford like mother who was phoney to the world and my Father but was vile,viscious and physically abusive behind closed doors. I am 44 and my father is slowly passing away and now we are able to tell each other the truth of what my mother was doing to us both.She is sad and scared and quite hateful.The release and healing came with discussing it and I am at peace.The people who do the bullying and hating truly hate themselves and can only climb higher in their minds by making sure you are beneath them.Kandee,like you I am sweet natured and loving and take flack for it at more, I am proud of who I am and where my heart is. You are a brave and sweet girl,thank you for inspiring us are gorgeous inside and out,with and without makeup...MCHJY2U

Monicutia said...

I'm with u too lovely person Kandee <3 <3 <3 have a nice day !!! Sending BIG HUG from Lithuania :*
and xoxo from Monicutia too :)))))

Yuki said...

If they don't like you, screw them! We like you and that's what's important!!

I love your blog and send links all the time to my friends. You're brave to bare your face. I never do, ever.

ttfn :) Your Pal, Yuki

Un.consolable. said...

I love you Kandee! Ur beautiful without makeup. I love your attitude about bullies. Never let em get to you! Stay just the way you are, because you make me and everyone around you happy and beautiful inside and out!

Renée T. Habashy said...

There is a line Hugh Grant says in the movie "Love Actually" that I love. It's about bullying. He says that bullies only respond to strength. I think this is true. Stand up for who you are when the bullies try to get you down (just like you did in this post) and they will eventually realize that their bullying is doing no good. In the end, bullies are just cowards and when they see how strong you are, they'll run!

GemaLuBtz said...

-Hi Kandee, sadly we live in a battle ground in which we dont know when we are gonna get attacked... sadly I was bullied by my mom my entire life. (well since i have memory)A mom suppose to protect you from anything from anyone, but that wasn't my case.
Sometimes i dont even know why i stick with her for so long.... she always expected the worst from me.. i remember one of the most hurtful thing that she said was that: she was completely sure that once i turn 15 i was gonna become a prostitute. it was really hurtful, because of the simple common reason that a mom suppose to encourage you to do great things in life, but she was sending me to the bottom of everything.... i could keep on going but i will take soo long to tell you my story...
Im 23 now & thanks to God happily married with the most amazing guy. God really blessed me after all the crap my bully/mom had put me thru.

Kandee you are amazing & after all you came in my life bringing joy, now im doing things that my mom always thought were stupid( she still thinks they're dumb)but those things bring me happines..... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID FOR ME!!!!! (BTW i also love your mom & sister they're hilarious)

Unknown said...

Yeah, I read all those Nasty Comments. What trolls those people are! I was bullied all through school Mainly because I have acne and I was a scrawny little Teenager. and the acne was Way worse in school. The words they said and the pranks they pulled really got to me. I ended up crying a lot. I didn't get much school work done. My grades were slipping. But, I got over it an moved to a different school and graduated.

Tiramisu520 said...

You go girl!!!!!!

Rubi said...

Kandee, you have blessed my life. You really have. I don't say these words lightly. I just want you to know that you truly are a special, amazing blessing to so many people. You'll probably never even know the magnitude of your positive impact that you have on's that big.

Thank you for being such an encouragement. I just wish I could say something to you that would make your day :) And I bet you receive nice comments much more then negative ones. Honestly, I don't know how anyone could say anything bad to you.

Bless you!! From a faithful viewer in Arizona.

SidnacGlitz said...

I know this is going to be very long, but I was reading this article an it reminded me of what you said on here. I love the woman that wrote is her name is Rebecca Brown the Lord has used her greatly in his kingdom and her ministry has forever changed my life.

Article Source:

Sowing Seeds of God's Word

Have You Stabbed Anyone Lately?

Kasey said...

My soon-to-be-ex-husband has been a bully to me for most of our married life. No matter what I did, I was never good enough. I am 5' 10, and when I wore a size 6, he would still tell me I could be thinner. He always told me I needed a nose job(I have a little upturn to the end of my nose) or a boob job. I never kept the house clean enough or the yard perfect enough.
I am GLAD to finally be getting rid of his non-sense. It is ALL about his attitude about himself. I am excited (it HAS taken time to get to this point) to see what lies ahead for me.
Kandee, your up-beat attitude has inspired me on days when I was feeling pretty crummy. You are so beautiful, inside and out.
Hugs :)

HI said...

This is truly an inspiring post. No matter who we are or what good we do for the world, there will always be those who hate us or despise us. You touch hearts of people and that's all that matters. :) Come to Atlanta, GA soon!

KiranK.A said...

Is there a LOVE this blog post button somewhere? <3

Anonymous said...

Much <3

Nahee said...

Oh Kandee you are so right!! I'm so glad you don't let them get to you! You're an amazingly beautiful person on the inside and the outside! You're the best kind of person there could ever be. These cruel people see how brightly you shine, how many people love and bask in your light. They're just jealous and filled with hate because they've lost their own light. Instead of sharing the light with you they will try to douse yours! I'm so happy you shine so bright among so many dark twisted people. You truly make us all remember what being a human being is supposed to be about. <3

Fisher Family Fun said...

I have five kids and we have all dealt with bullying. Even my seven year old little girl was a bully at one time. We put a stop to that immediately. I think it is horrible, but I think the worse kind of bullying is when your family bullies you, like my parents and siblings did while I was growing up.
Luckily the school my kids go to have a no bully policy. Zero tolerance on it! They take it very seriously there at all education levels too.
I have a make up question, but not sure where to pose it. I was wondering are there any make up tricks to hide a small double chin or to make a round face look skinnier? I tried the ones you already showed, but it does not work on my face.

María said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
María said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
María said...

Kandee, all you say here is so true but, fortunately there are even more good and polite people like you.Thanks for all your posts.They make me feel fine and I enjoy reading you.Hugs!

like a phenomenon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Kandee, It's heartbreaking to hear that people are mean to you. You are such an amazing person. I tell all my friends about you cause I love your blogs so much. I don't usually watch youtube stuff because I'm in nursing school so I don't have a lot of time but I watch all your stuff. I love all your videos. My roommate and I wish you lived closer to us so we could hang out. Anyway I hope you and cupcake are doing well. My little sister just had her baby like two weeks ago. well <3 and prayers Jess

Anonymous said...

Kandee Girl. It seems to me that you often get responses as to what what people hate about you. So I figured id write out everything I LOVE about you. Ha ha ha. For one your a goddess, simply beautiful. With or without makeup. Hair done or hair tied. I love your wacky goofy laugh. Your loony tone personality. Your heart, and mind are of great worth and its exciting to know we live in a world where peace and love do live in the hearts of some. There are times we all simply curl into a ball and call it quits though again and again where there is pain and trauma you go about making the difference being the change. Rather than waiting on change, you become the change. You put your children first and above all. Your energy radiates onto others. Your one of those people who can walk into a room and light the damn place up. Your interest in god, and art is beyond appealing. And the fact that you are a positive role model to look up to. Your strength , and courage to face a world where negative comments can easily be thrown your way on any matter without care. The sense of fight you have in your eyes. Your ambition. Your piggy nose, and freckles. And the bump on your lip. You Kandee Johnson are a dream girl. The dream girl. That bobby sure is one lucky fella. May this letter of love and attraction spread a smile on your face. Imagine these kind words rapped in a big ol box with red ribbons, and a zebra bow on top.

Anonymous said...

Kandee, thank you for writing this. We all need to be reminded that we are beautiful and created for something great, and no man can change how great we are and how great we can become. I just found your videos/blog recently, but I can tell that you are such a strong woman, and can handle a lot. Don't listen to the haters, because you are gorgeous. Inside and out. I hope that God blesses you richly and that you never forget that God and all of us love you (: Keep strong, girl. God's got big plans for you!

Anonymous said...

for the record, your freckles are to die for and you are sooooo much prettier without the makeup.

ShelliWood said...

I first saw you on "One of your Videos on, YOUTUBE" The Barbie one!!<3
After watching how
amazing,funny,smart,and Of Course GORGEOUS you had me hooked!
I Love reading your Blogs and watching your Video's, YOU REALLY are a Positive Role Model to look up to! I Look up to you :)
I tell all my friends about you!

Me and My Sissy Watch and Pause, Watch and Pause your VIDEO'S LOL, You have brought Me & My Sister closer Just by MAKEUP & watching your videos "Who would of thought"? SO THANK YOU, SO MUCH!!!!! :-)

Don't let these people get to you, It's One thing and One thing only;
They're Just Jealous Of YOU!

. I REALLY hope you can come to ORLANDO or Fl. SO I can come to your SHOW!!!!!

We don't even know each other "BUT" YOU have inspired me in so many ways, I would be here all day if I wrote everything!

I took some advice from one of your Tutorials!
By when I wake up Look in the mirror and say "Today's going to be an AMAZING DAY!"
It really Work's for me! ;-)
X's and O's
Love Shelli

Unknown said...

YOUR A VERY SPECIAL LADY!!!!!! Like I always think of you (AS AN INSPIRATION). You have so much energy and positive ways of seeing life. That it makes me want to keep trying. Beautiful woman inside and out. That is what you are. May God Bless you each and every day of your life because you deserve it. I hope that you accomplish every goal in your life. HUGS & KISSES to you.

*L@ Gu3r!tA*

JoyceQF said...

Kandee you are inspirational with what you say and do I find myself watching your videos and reading your blogs and feeling good for the day:) thanks!

Semi Permanent said...

Updates and announcements are good!!!
Semi Permanent Make Up

Anonymous said...

I am your fan and i love your videos and blog. You are the best make up guru and a beautiful person. Kisses from Spain!

Morgane said...

I have a hard time to imagine people have that much time to waste by writing mean comment! You are a beautiful person...Keep on doing what you doing, you do it great!!
By the way, I love your freckles!!! Soooo cute!!
Oh and I can't believe i missed you in Toronto!!! day, I hope!

MissConcerto said...

i think ure an amazing woman.
keep sharing coz i really love ur style :)

Elli Adele said...

You are so amazing! So full of love and happiness! I love watching your videos. You are so kind, you never stop filling me with warmth and happiness!
Love love love,

Megan Kelley Hall said...

Kandee, I'm a big fan of yours and I hate hearing stories of anyone being bullied. Please check out the Facebook page I started (Young Adult Authors Against Bullying) and read what the YA author community is doing to combat bullying. We have an anthology coming out next fall from HarperCollins entitled DEAR BULLY.

We all need protection from bullies -- not just teens, not just the LGBTQ youth, not old, not young, not big, not little -- EVERYONE. The only way to take the power away from bullies is for the bystanders to have a zero-tolerance attitude toward that type of behavior.

Hugs and love to you, too!

Julie said...

Hi Kandee,

I'm a huge fan of your videos and blogs. You really are more than a beautiful face, with or without makeup. There is something about you that radiates genuine kindness that I don't see too often. It is so sad that you share your kindness and love with others and they just stomp on you. It's awful what many people post in the comments sections not only on your channel, but others I have seen, and it's even more sad that things like this happen everyday and that our society is so hateful. It's awesome that you brought it up on your blog; people need to be aware and stand up for themselves and others. You are an inspiration, not just in beauty, but also in living a positive and happy lifestyle. Thank you so much for being you and for posting for us. Keep the blogs and videos coming.

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