Saturday, November 20, 2010

Things I take off every night!

These are the things that get removed from being strapped, buckled, clasped or hooked onto me everynight! ha ha ha

Clockwise starting with my WATCH:
MY WATCH~ was handmade for me by one of my dear friends...sadly, he no longer makes these amazing watches..but if I can convince him to...I will be the first to give you his information!
(secret stash....I have a few of his watch creations left....and maybe, I might put a couple up for sale on ebay...not sure when or anything though!)
Behind my watch is my awesome Hello Kitty Phone cover that one of my friends, Karawn, made me!

TURQUOISE ACRYLIC BOW RING~ I got this in London at a little vintage store in Camden was super cheap, and I've tried to find where I could find them online..and I haven't found anything yet! I love this ring! I did get a cheap black one at Forever 21, it was much smaller though.

YELLOW FLOWER RING~My lil' sister got me this...I love it...she got it at Nordstrom's in the Brass Plumb was a while ago though.

My BLACK LEATHER CUFF~ I made this, all by myself! I used to make jewelry...necklaces, bracelets and things....I made this sooooooo many years ago! I love it though.

SPIKEY EARRING: I can't remember where I got them (maybe forever 21?!?)...I have the other one, but I like wearing mix match earrings.

MY FEATHER EARRING: I got this from my friend Cardi, she hand makes these in LA (you can find her at the Melrose Trading Post on Sundays (kinda on the corner of Fairfax & Melrose)...they are amazing, and no 2 are alike! You can go to her etsy store, but buy quickly because they sell out super fast! I've never seen feather earrings as beautiful as hers!
CLICK HERE to see her store Salvage LA on etsy:
Look at how beautiful this one is!! I can't stop looking at the colors and work to hang by your ear! I love it!
MY SUPREME NECKLACE~ I got it at the Renegade Craft Fair in downtown's from a Cutlass Supreme Car...I love it, and I pretty much wear it everyday of my life! ha ha ha
 The girl who made it doesn't have anymore, BUT one of my friends had some SUPREME necklaces made...she only has a small amount left..
you can order them, I'm not sure, but I think they are around $34-$35 US dollars.  You can email her: or go to her facebook page: CLICK HERE 
and find out more. She's super nice.

And that's what my dresser, or little night table looks like everynight...after I've taken off all my "kan-cessories"...ha ha ha

and I type this with naked fingers, wrists, ears and neck...ha ha ha
your kandee


Unknown said...

Goodnight !

Yaruhi said...

I bought a slightly smaller bow ring, in red, and I call it my Kandeejohnson ring... and pretty much at the same time you buy yours in London!! (L)... Mine is from Accessorize.
I love your style!
Mo xx

Anonymous said...

Can you make a video of how you made your leather cuff??
And/or some of the other jewelry you've made?


kalipzo10 said...

The bow ring and the flower ring are so cute. They add so much to your outfits!

Unknown said...

I found a pink flower ring in Spain! It was in a store called Primark, that is like the spanish version of Marshall's and as soon as I saw it i HAD TO buy it! hahah i love it

Alisa said...

I love your jewelry and your style in general! So unique!

blogymamy said...

your rings are so cute !!


Creatively, Kimberly said...

Ahhh!! I love your bow ring!! Omgosh. Turquoise is my favorite color (Okay, I'm kindof obsessed), and I love bows on anything. I will be on the lookout for one!

thefamediaries said...

Your spiked earring and feather earring are to die!<3

I'm the same way with earrings as far as the mixing and matching goes, but I have yet to try the spike & feather combo. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Chloe Mia said...

when ever i see feather earrings now they remind me of you!

Christine said...

i ordered a supreme necklace a while ago, still waiting on it. :) said...

aww I had some similar earrings to your feather one but I misplaced them and now they're sold out, so sad :-)


Mermaid_22 said...

hey Kandee,
I wanted to know if by taking your makeup class, will that make me a certified makeup artist? or how would that go? Im really interested in taking the class :)

PinkyLoco said...

@Christine! Yay! First shipment's arrived so necklaces 1-300 will go out this week! :) You've been such a sweetie and so patient during the manufacturing time! :) Can't wait to see you wearing it!

You can find out all the ordering information here and thanks Kandee! You are a doll!
Pinky Hugs & Supreme Squeezes!
Missy - Pinky Loco!/note.php?note_id=140068906039790

amelia said...

what is the brand and colour of your nail polishh! i want that silvery nail polishhhhhh.. thank you

stephanie said...

Omg yes! Jessica asked if you could make a how-to make your own jewerly video and I would LOVE that too! We can all have our own original styles! Please please do one! :)

Anonymous said...

I found a similar bow ring today at an Icing store at the mall. It's clear with a black lace pattern. Love it!

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