Tuesday, November 30, 2010


May I present to you:
Kandee's Hair Tips
QUESTION: "Do you have a license to carry that curling iron?"
ANSWER: why yes I do, Not only am I a professional make-up artist...I am a licensed cosmetologist too! ha ha ha ha (you must read that in an official sounding voice! ha ha)

So I'm gonna share one of my favorite "Macgyver-esque" hair tricks!

Good old hand creme!

WHAT?!? you say!
WON'T it make my hair greasy?: NOPE, there's usually more waxy, greasy, oily ingredients in hair products that are used to smooth hair.

Can I use lotion? If you want to use it as a smoothing cream to add shine, a creme is better, lotion tends to be more watery.

Now let's get down to hair business! Hair fabulousness in 3....2....1

hope all your hairs want to work together and look nice today! hee hee...your kandee


Unknown said...

I have super curly frizzy hair. I have always used hand cream and/or lotion when I am in a pinch!! Thanks for sharing!! (Blake thought last nights video was fast...WOW!!!) Hhahah!!!

Persida87 said...

Oh my goodness Kandee! Blaker looks just like you when you were little!!! (I've been a huge fan of yours since before you stopped posting pictures of him...that's how I remember!) :)
Love you and thank you so much for your makeup/hair/life/fashion/etc. videos!

P.S. I really hope that you will reconsider your decision to stop doing Glaminars! Take 2 or 3 years off but don't stop altogether!!! :)

Unknown said...

That's pretty cool...I never thought of that! Thank you! Did you know you can use Hair Conditioner to clean leather?
It works AWESOME! xoxo

Beata said...

Yes!!! Please give us more tips!!!

Jesie said...

Great video!!! Please keep them coming!! :)

Kelly Goff said...

Love it!!

Elizabeth said...

That's SO neat!!! I never would have thought of trying that?!
Great tip!

Rach said...

Love all your stuff! Keep 'em coming!

K9 Katastrophie said...

AHHH! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I didn't know! Now I don't have to spend like $20 whenever I want some wax! Thank you, kandee!! Also on the last video that was sooooo cute how your son said "I love you mommy". Oh my gosh that really put a smile on my face!

Thanks for brightening my day!!


P.S. Glad your back!

Unknown said...

loooooooove it! keep doing this fast short tips videos! :D

Noelle Garnier said...

Yay! Yes, I love the minute-long video! It's a great way to get some style -- fast!

kandee fam lil sis

Mia said...

oh no, lotion on my hair? I guess I stick to plain old mousse and gel...

Unknown said...

I think i´d love whatever video you would post, wether it was short or long :D So just keep the videos coming, and lots of them :D

xxx Dagný

Erin said...

I loved your makeup in this video? Do you have a video to create a similar look?

dos said...

I wanna ask how don't u haven't got any strech marks; it's great please answer it?

dos said...

I know she has got lots of videos and comment so maybe she won't see my question so if anyone read this could help me where should I write this question in order to get an answer?

FuglyDuckling said...

Thank you so much for this tip! I really enjoy watching all of your videos, you're a great inspiration! =D

Kate Curtis said...

Hi Kandee, I fully plan on trying this out tomorrow.

So, if you need any video ideas, which you probably don't, I was wondering if you could help me out!! Summer is over and I am losing my tan FAST! I am trying to keep a healthy tan glow, but I am worried about looking over done. How can I keep the glow with make up with out looking like i drown in bronzer?


beautybloggerette said...

Kandee~ I have been doing this for a long time! I have to smile because when I was in hair school I was scolded by my instructor for telling a young gentlemen in high school that wanted to add some "texture" to his hair to use a small bit of vaseline... And I mean just enough to coat his tips of his fingers. It gives the same look as the old school Tigi bed head stick. I also said use beeswax as in burts bees wax tovadd some piecey texture mwssy shaggy look.... Ahhhh you are wonderful, Kandee!!! I am going to send this video to my teacher and show her that I am not really that odd. I was just trying to be sensitive to someone, a young kid who did not have that kind of money to spend in high school...and neither did his mom. Not to mention it was something my hair stylist had told me when I was younger with a cute little pixie cut... I still use lotion and cream on my ends to smooth them and sunscreen in my hair when out in the sun to protect my color. Thank you a s always. You're simply a delight to admire and look up to !

Emily Anne said...

awww you are so cute and you look the same! nice tip, but won't the wax attract things to stick to it? does this hold down flyaways? i wonder if lip salve would work the same, and yes fast tips are great!

siklen said...

Thank you so much for this tip!! I just wanted to tell you that I love your make-up (eyes, cheeks and lips) in the video you made on the 16th of November: "Fall make-up with my Mom". Could you please make this makeup video: It's so pretty and I love it so much!!!
A big kiss

Ms_Murder said...

this tip is awesome!! def would love to see more tips :D <3

MARTA said...

Loved your video! A great tip and I always like the way you edit them...btw, how cute you were as a child!

Miss Tapia said...

Nice! I think you should post more videos like this!!

matahara07 said...

I've been trying to find your portfolios and celeb work, etc. and can't find it anywhere. Could you please post a link to your portfolio?
Thanks. :)

Erin said...

kandee thanks for the tip! But, I really like your makeup in that video!! lol It was perfect, light but not too light eyes, with the slight winged liner, and the bronzed cheeks, and full lips which looked like it was the naked and plum combo?? LOveLOveLOve it!!!!


Lindsey Hughes said...

great video! I LOVE the new christmas banner for the blog! so cute! Hope you are well and getting as much rest as you can! Love yah!



Unknown said...

You are such a crack-up, sweetheart!! I am a total Kandee-Fan!

KendelRenae said...


bla said...

Hi Kandee, love your work!
I have a question; do you have any tips on how to prevent your hair from getting static in the winter? It drives me nuts, sticking on my face and getting al tangled up...I'm sure i'm not the only girl who has issues with this..

I hope you have tips!

Fran from the (freezing cold) Netherlands

Christie said...

very fast and useful, definently keep them comming! :D

Unknown said...

Excellent tips Kandee. Love your videos. :)

Tessa said...


Nice blog u got there :)
I'm a new follower!

Maybe you can check my blog out as well, some time?

Thanks :)
And keep up the good work!

Tropical Mind said...

I have been doing this since I was in high school and I'm 32! It's a great tip -y'all don't be scared to try it! I usually apply the cream to my hands (I'd be doing that anyway) and then once it's rubbed in I lightly run my hands over my hair to smooth flyaways. Works like a charm!

. said...

kandee I found your favorite YELLOW ROSE RING in PINK for $10!




Viva La Kristin said...

Thank you for the hair tips, very helpful. I love your make up in this video.
The new christmas banner on your profile is really cute!
Looking forward to see more videos from you.


CassieP said...

Hi Kandee!

I love, love, loovvvee your videos! You have an amazing talent! Could you please do a detailed video on contouring the face? I love watching you share contouring techniques but am unsure of what products to use to achieve these looks.

Keep the videos coming! And good luck with your baby girl!

xo, Cassie

Anonymous said...

Hi. I was suffering from hair loss. After then I started using all the hair prevent formula since I was in college and when I started using herbal I smoothly run my hands over my hair to fly away. Wonderful!

vanessa10 said...

hey kandee!
im a big fan of your work and blog. i check your blogs everyday, especially the days im not in the best mood or im feeling down. your great advice and king words always make me smile (:
so thankyou so much.
i wish that u would write more, everyday. more about getting through difficult times in life and stuff. your "broken heart" video really helped me a lot.
i wish i could meet you one day. your such an inspiration.
thank you so muchh!!!

- vanessa

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