Friday, May 2, 2014

Arm Dazzle & We Begin The Mullet & Sneek Peeks Of Next Week

I love turquoise. I love it so much, I'd rather have a beautiful turquoise and silver ring than a big ring with diamonds and gold. Don't get me wrong, I like anything that sparkles, but there's something about turquoise that makes my eyeballs want to jump inside the color.

Above, you will see hand-and-wrist-dazzle:
Yellow flower rose ring - my sister gave me shortly after I started youtube, it's is many a video!
Silver cuff with turquoise
Beaded silver cuff - both of these babies I got at a Native American Gift shop  (I don't think Native things are a trend, I think they are a timeless style of beautiful craftsmanship. I'm actually part Native American, and I did some beadwork when I lived in Santa Fe, and I have so much respect for all beadwork, because it's much harder bead than people might think!)
 Now enter the "oh no" part.....
I got these beaded bracelets from FreeBird Collection, and the last week when I went to take my bracelets off, I realized my favorite one - the light turquoise one, on the right, in this picture, had fallen off! Oh well, I lose more rings, bracelets, sunglasses, earrings, than anyone I know. ha ha ha
And now onto the MULLET -
Yes, it's that awful time when anyone is growing their hair out from a short pixie cut, when the hair at the bottom of your neck grows and looks like a mantastic-mullet. You can see it in this picture, but there's a baby mullet trying to spread it's wings and fly down my neck.

So, this week has consisted of me looking very boy-like, no make-up, even beanies, and lots of schlumpy clothes as I've been edited videos like a crazy person...
so I thought I'd give you a few sneek peeks of what videos you'll see next week!

First up will be, after many requests for more Ellie videos....Ellie's first Lookbook (outfits of the week) video:
wait til you see her outfits she picks out:

Then, I'm not even sure what to call this video yet, all I can hint at is: sort of like boyfriend does my make-up but better, and you'll get to see the guy behind the arm:

If you have a friend that makes you feel bad - that's not a friend.

Giant hugs from your friend, that would never make you feel bad, Kandee

If you missed my latest video, come watch it right here:

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