Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Hope This Inspires You: I'm in Elle Magazine

I am not writing this to show you, "ohhhhh look I'm so cool, I'm in a magazine!" I'm writing this to encourage you all...
that I once felt like a failure that could've never imagined I'd ever be in a magazine....
So, if you just happen to see the May issue of Elle Magazine with Miley Cyrus, and you flip to one fo the last perfume smeller-pages...right next to Givenchy, you'll see a familiar little blonde face. What's not familiar is seeing me in a dress! hee hee hee hee
 Photo cred to the fabulous: Jackie Russo

Here's the pic of me before it went into the magazine:
Make-up by: me
Hair by (and she let me wear her shoes): Anna-Lee Fiorino

I hope this inspires you all...that years ago I felt like a failure and like I would never amount to anything. But God knew I wasn't a failure and that He had bigger plans than all the failure I thought was just waiting for me. We can't ever see the awesome things waiting for us around the corner, especially when we're feeling sad and depressed. But take hope and know that God has big plans for all of us, we just have to keep going!
 (as I wrote on Facebook yesterday)...
many years ago I felt hopeless and like a failure, I was a divorced, single mom at a young age, and felt like I didn't even know where my future would go.
I always worked hard from the time I was a teenager. I worked cleaning houses and as a waitress, then I went to beauty school. I decided to be a make-up artist, and apprenticed for no pay, while still waitressing. I eventually started getting paid and doing jobs on my own.
Years later and after being a freelance make-up was my official career, again when I was feeling like a failure and all my friends were more successful than me...
I had moved out of LA and felt like my dreams were really over.
I started Youtube to help people by sharing my tips and tricks as a make-up artist and hopefully inspire people in any way I can.

Yesterday my little heart was blown away to discover, after you guys had let me know, that I was on the Yahoo homepage:
Most girls would think it would be a nightmare to be featured on the Yahoo homepage without make-up on, but to me it was awesome! click this to see it!

I am not writing or showing you guys this stuff to say," ohhhh look how cool and fancy I am",  I'm writing this in hopes that someone out there is feeling like they are far from their dream, maybe hopeless or even depressed...
and I want you to know, that I was that girl.
Feeling like everyone was doing great, but me. I didn't even feel like I had a dream to go after.
But sometimes when we don't even see a plan, God is there and I imagine him saying:
"Oh hang on lil sweetie, if you only knew what is waiting for you up ahead, you won't believe it. Just keep looking for the little happy things in life and trust me, I've got a good plan!"

I may not have long luscious model-like hair, I'm no where near being model-thin, but none of that matters...
You shine your heart, your kindness, your hard-work ethic, and the strength to say, no matter what I'm going through, it's just going to make my success story that much better.

Never be jealous of someone else's success, because you have your own success waiting that could be 10 times more amazing than what you are "jealous" of. Success has no time for jealousy, only time for you to keep going, with a happy heart!

I'm going to be uploading a video today, click here to travel to my youtube land to see if it's up yet!

Huge hugs from your very non-modely friend, Kandee

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