Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Cartoon Family Portraits

Why have regular portraits when you can have awesome ones like this!?!? While we were at Legoland for out Springbreak wildness and fun...we saw the mot talented portrait artist I've ever seen, you can fin him on instagram here . I love how he drew in the make-up table and camera on the tripod too!!

Ellie went first...and wanted to look like Frozen!

Then Alani went, and she wanted to look like a Native American princess (her blue eyes would fool ya, but she's Native American on my side and her dad's side!) with a bow and arrow...

And Blakey, who is in love with baseball, requested the ball flying at him and the Dodgers uniform.

And Jordan was was hanging out with his friend so he missed he "portrait session".....
And the kids love this video of when they got to be real cartoon too! Why is everything more fun when it's a cartoon:

After seeing this I kinda wish I was a cartoon like Jem or Spongebob...ha ha ha ha

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Life is too short not to make Mondays fun.

Giant, fluffy, cloud-like cartoon hugs, from Kantoon, I mean, Kandee

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