Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday and 10 Things About This Picture

1. This was not my horse. This was my sisters horse.

2. Did you notice how my silk, yes I said silk, shirt matched the horses halter.

3. A halter, is the strappy looking thing on the horses head, to lead them around with a lead rope.

4. I also seem to be wearing a decorative pin up at the collar of my shirt, yes this was the 90's. And yes, like a bolo tie but without the dangly tie parts hanging down. I know, I know, I was cool. ha ha ha

5. Silk shirt are hot. Not as in, hot = cool, but as in hot = sweaty.

6. I like horses but was always more afraid of the distance at which they could eject me from the saddle on their back. Once we were doing this demonstration of riding horses for all these little Girl Scouts at this indoor Arena, and a bird flew all crazy out of the rafters and scared my horse, and it took off running and jumping all crazy with me on the back and it scared all the little Girl Scouts, AND ME!

6. Silk shirts are not flattering for your figure.

7. This was my daily make-up look in high school. Yes, there is make-up on my face.

8. The horse's name was Leo.

9. I have never, and will never buy another silk shirt.

10. I look like I stole my clothes from a 90's boy band. Just cover up my head and yep, Justin Timberlake

And get ready to see MY BRAND NEW HAIR.....
After you see this awesome picture of me and my "faux twin" sister (I'm 22 months older than her)

Here's our before picture, and watch to see what color my hair is under this wig:

Huge hugs, from me and my huge silk shirt, your friend, Kandee

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