Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stomping Through The Boonies

Oh the sweet, sweet light of sunset. It's delicate like lace and soft like a painting.
I took a "hike" through some rugged terrain in a pair of ridiculously, not-the-right-shoes-to-be-walking-here-boots, with my camera crew, I mean me, carrying my tripod and camera. And a small man the holds my heart in his hands, who took this picture, who happens to be 6 and goes by the name of Blake.

I filmed a surprise video that may just inspire a new series of videos! ha ha ha ha I can't even give away what the video is about because it's too, well, I can't even say that! hee hee It's gonna be fun, is all I can say!
In case anyone wanted to know, because I already got some questions on good ol' instagram
 LACE CARDIGAN- Free People |  STRIPED TANK DRESS- Forever21  |  LEGGINGS  |  BOOTS - Steve Madden | Hat - I got at a hat store in Toronto  | Gold Earrings - vintage earrings I got at a flea market
Warning: all these items are "old" as in I got them 6 months to a couple years ago, so they probably aren't even available! ha ha ha But they can "inspire" your clothes-hunting-eyes! hee hee

I will be uploading a video today! I was up til 2:33am, editing this baby...it's going to be a Romantic 1920's Inspired Make-Up look for Prom that I did last weekend for Jessa, who was actually going to prom after we filmed it! The look is beautiful and you could wear it whether you're going to prom, and went to your own prom 20 years ago! hee hee

I edit in FinalCutPro, if anyone was wondering. I've never taken a class, and I don't think I'm that great at editing, but I do ok, and finally I think the video is good enough to stop editing. Ha ha ha

Set your self free from judging others today. And in the freedom, your heart will be open to have greater understanding and appreciation of other people's hearts...and you will feel more love flowing through you!

Huge hugs and ridiculous-to-walk-in-the-rocks-fringe-boots, your Kandee

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