Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Before and After and The Reason You Have To Not Blog Sometimes

 This is not me, hee hee. This is my beautiful sister, who didn't need a drop of make-up, but I added a little to her face, for my niece's birthday party. My sister's inner beauty and peace shine from her heart, and I just added some, "outer shine" to her lips and eyes!

Sometimes in life you have to push aside your "priorities" and make what truly matters, your priority. And that is my sister. After losing my dad, well we didn't lose him and that term is so weird sometimes, because I know he's in heaven, he is not lost, I just can't get to him. But, it puts life in perspective that you never know how much time you have left to enjoy the ones you love and to make memories with them, so we headed to my sisters to help her with my nieces party and to help her go to Disneyland. You see, my sister doesn't get to leave her house too much since her Lyme Disease has really gone into high gear.

Life is far from perfect for anyone. And beneath the joy of Disneyland, where we went for my niece's birthday, there are always the things that are imperfect, still going on in life. As much as I wanted to hear my sister screaming and laughing next to me on Space Mountain, she couldn't go on it with her more delicate heart. And her mode of transportation was an awesome wheelchair, which all the kids preferred to ride on her lap that sit in a stroller. She has a very rare form of Lyme Disease which only 1% of people with Lyme get, so she's pretty fancy! ha ha ha

And when I found out my sister wasn't doing well, and I had gotten separated from everyone, without my cell phone...when I finally found they were at the hotel, I sprinted all the way from inside Disneyland, through the crowds, through Downtown Disney, to the hotel to get to my sister. People moved out of my way, and no crowd was gonna stop me from racing to her.

I love her more than words can ever say. And even though some people's lived might seem to be perfect or seem fun, you never know the heart ache, struggle and frustrations they are dealing with. I've had a heart that has been a little heavy the last couple weeks. Two people I know, passed away, and my heart hurt, not just for them, and it broke for the pain of the families that are left with shattered hearts in their chest. Scary medical news seems to be waiting around every corner...
and I need to just take time to be with my little family and my sister and her little family. I didn't edit a video or write my blogs while I was with my sister, because I just wanted to spend every moment I could with her and her lil family. But I'm back home now, and ready to upload a little something!

I wanted to thank all of you who have been praying for my sister and her lil family. Her attitude and her faith in God, that He will be her strengthen her and her faith through all of this, is just incredible. I won't bore you with all her medical things that are scary. But I just wanted to thank you all for each prayer. I know the world is full of people in need of prayers and I just wanted to thank you all that have added her and her little girls into your prayers too.

Life gives us many before and afters. My life will never be the same without my dad, but I can live on with his joy and memories and God will strengthen me for the "after", without my dad. No matter what your after is, know that you are amazing, and greatness is made in the times of struggle and pain. Muscles don't get made without some struggle. Greatness and success don't get made without challenges, struggle and things failing.

Giant thank you hugs to everyone, and always remember that you are not alone. There is heart ache and struggle in all of our lives, and that's why an extra kind word, smile and thoughtful action goes a long way to share some love with everyone else who needs a little extra love in their day.

PS. I filmed a very special video, because my sister is in it, to upload to day, with some "semi-exciting" news! ha ha ha Not really exciting, but a change anyway! Click here to see my youtube-ness!

I heart each one of you reading this and send a hug and prayer that your day would be filled with sparkled of joy no matter what is happening or what you are dealing with, your Kandee

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