Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Special Edition Transformation Tuesday: My best friend

This is my best friend, the person who makes me laugh harder than anyone, the only person to play Barbie's with me, and always be ready for whatever silly plan I had when we were little...she is my sister.

Tiffany on the left, me on the right in my red sweater with Tenderheart bear! ha ha ha We both loved Carebears.

For a little recap, my sister has Advanced Lyme Disease, and she has a rare form of Lyme, which only effects 1% of diagnosed. It is attacking her heart. As I type this and realize that we are both posing with Tenderheart bear, it makes my me think of my sister and her lil tenderheart. And I can't thank you all enough for every prayer you've included her in. I know the world is so full of things and people to pray for, I'm just so thankful for anyone who's added her in their prayers. My sister hasn't been able to leave her house to much, because the heart episodes she experiences, most times send her to the Emergency Room. My sister used to write her blog and make youtube videos, which she wants to do again. She is a mom to two little girls, Sydney 5 and Audrey 1, so on top of dealing with Lyme, she is very tired trying to chase after her lil ones.

Since she can't go out and go shopping or anything like that, I wanted to bring the make-over to her. So I came bearing bags of make-up, hair products and I had worked on a Macy's shoot and they were so amazing and offered to send my sister so many outfits!

We have been dressing up since we were little, I  know we are looking like high fashion Little House On The Prairie (I'm on the left in blue and she's on the right in the white):

I made a video of her transformation and a little before and after fashion show! My favorite part is when I bring our her surprise cake though hee hee hee hee:

My sister means the world to me, and I just want her to feel happy, and my favorite part is when she laughs and the cake...I have tried to make it a tradition to send her funny cakes. Last year the lady didnt' believe she had the right how to deliver the cake because I put something like: Happy 73rd Birthday Sister, on it! ha ha ha

Huge hugs from my and my sister to you...hope you liked this special edition: Transformation Tuesday with My Sister Tiffany!

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