Monday, April 21, 2014

Rarely Seen Outfit Of The Day: Skirt, Bow Heel & a little Leopard

Yesterday, a rare thing happened. I wore a skirt AND heels to church for Easter. I know many of you might be shocked my outfit, but you'd be surprised to know I secretly wish I lived in the 40's when women wore skirts and heels everyday.

I love these bow heels! I got them a while ago, so I'm not sure if they still make them, but they are from Melissa Shoes, and they are the collaboration she did with Vivienne Westwood. They are all rubber, and pretty comfy for heels! I think they are the cutest heels I own!

And my favorite outfit of the day belongs to Ellie Bellie (which is how she refers to herself..hee hee):
We got Ellie this fancy dress at a craft fair called, The Candy Dance. I love it because not only was it handsewn, but it looks like a dress that Shirley Temple would have worn.
Her shoes are her favorite pair of "heels", ha ha ha. They are Minnie Mouse heels that we scored at the Disney Store in Santa Monica.

 And of course we take the princesses with us everywhere: Ariel, Anna (from Frozen) and Belle, with us! It's our Princess Posse! ha ha ha

We all dined on Chinese Food after church, then headed home to pack out back and drive to my sisters! It's springbreak and we are officially Spring Breakers! Stopped driving late last night, slept at a Best Western, continental breakfast and now I'm typing this from Starbucks then it's back on the road again!

I've got a car full of kids and 2 teenagers, with Jordan and his friend....we are having lots o' fun!

CLICK HERE TO SEE MY BRAND NEW VIDEO!!!!!!! My mom said it's her favorite video I've ever done!

Huge hugs from your favorite girl, I hope, named Kandee

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