Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Look Like 90's Madonna

Madonna went through a very Marilyn-Monroe-esque phase in the 90's, 
but with her own thick and bold eyebrows twist! 
I'll show you every step of re-creating this look in the video below!
Get ready to learn tons of fun tips and tricks and you can pick and choose some tips you can use in your own everyday make-up too! It's a 2 in one tutorial, learn to look like Madonna, who was looking like Marilyn Monroe too!
SIDENOTE: I photoshopped my eyes blue because there's no way I was gonna try putting contacts in my eyes!

Come and watch transformation #2, from my video series Beauty ReCovered, on the Glamour Magazine Channel on youtube:

Madonna always the trend-setter! Long before Cara Delevigne was making a statement with her brows, Madonna was doing it back in the 90's!

And here is me with my original brown eyes:

Key Madonna Make-Up For This Look:

FACELIFT TAPES (only for like a costume look or exact replication)

CONTOUR PALETTE - RCMA VK Foundation Palette

EYEBROW COLOR - Anatasia Dipbrow in Chocolate (I also used this for her "beauty mark)

MADONNA RED LIP: (*TIP: make sure the red lipliner is freshly sharpened for a crisp lip line)
Red Lip liner - Cherry Lipliner from MAC
Burgundy Lip liner - Currant from MAC

BLACK GEL LINER - I used the Make-Up Forever Aqua Cream Liner in Black

FAKE LASHES- I used the "Kim" lashes from Flutter Lashes (they are amazing!)

Next time you want to look extra glamorous or especially if you're in need a Madonna costume, I got your back, or really, I've got your face! ha ha ha Don't forget there are 6 more videos in this series that, even I can't wait to see!

And if you want to see the latest video on my channel, click here for a "glamorous" adventure in the wild hee hee hee:

Huge hugs and huge 90's Madonna hair from me to you....Madonna I mean Kandee

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