Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1920's Gatsby Prom Dress, Makeup & Hair Ideas

I love all things vintage! So whether you're going to a Gatsby 20's themed prom, or your want to have your own style instead of wearing the same dresses as everyone else at your prom, or a wedding, or any even where you need a dress, I've got you covered from shoes to make-up!

Let's head back in time for some 20's Prom, inspiration....

I just filmed a tutorial for 1920's Inspired Make-Up for the make-up I did for Jessa, last weekend for her prom, you could actually wear this look everyday too:
We wanted her to look pretty, and not too "costume" or exact 20's, with the shaping of the mouth, and thin down-turned brows, and really dramatic lip color, so we went for "soft, romantic, Gatsby Glam", here's how we did it:


 Here is the same 20's flapper style dress that Aria Montgomery wore in the 20's costume episode of, Pretty Little Liars. It is a 20's replica dress, click here for more info.

This Flapper Style Deco dress, is the same dress, that my beautiful make-up model (below) wore to her prom night: (it was even more beautiful in person)

 60 inch "pearl style" necklaces were all the rage in the 20's, and with this length you can knot them. You can get black, bronze and traditional pearl from Unique Vintage.

Long art deco inspired earrings, will still look great worn today! Just look for a drop-dangle earring with art deco detailing like these I found on Etsy:
 or these vintage inspired earrings from Claire's:

20's PURSE:

Art Deco design is still stylish today, and this Art Deco purse is something I would just hang on my wall too. And it's a bit of a bracelet and purse in one!

 Just look for any purse of clutch with 20's inspired details, beading, pearls, art deco design and patterns.

Of course you're going to want to opt for the 20's T-Strap Shoe, to cut a rug!
These 20's inspired, Classic Confection shoes from ModCloth are as cute as cake:
They also come in Bubble Gum:

And the classic 20's t-bar or t-strap shoe that comes in ivory, black, grey, plum, and this fun navy blue from Zappos:

20's Flapper Gatsby Headband:
These beaded flapper headbands from Unique Vintage are great:

or you can do like Jessa did, and DIY your own 20's flapper headband. Glue a little flower, feathers and netting to a lace headband or ribbon and you can have your own in minutes!

20's Hair:
Finger waves or Rag Curls,

like Jessa did (above with her date) are fun and perfect! Be warned rag curls are not so fun to try to sleep in, but the result it great! If you'd live to see me do a tutorial for finger waves or rag curls, comment below and I'll cook one up for ya!

And for more dramatic 20's Flapper, Gatsby, Vamp make-up,  you can watch this video I did, that might help you win a 20's costume contest ha ha ha:

Huge hugs and hope this post was the bees knees (20's slang for cool, I think we shoudl bring it back)...
your gal, Kandee

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