Monday, May 19, 2014

Come See Maleficent's Make-Up Table...

Everyone wants to look pretty, even Maleficent. So let's go take a peek at Maleficent's Make-Up Table and her fancy Disney Maleficent MAC Make-Up Collection.
Get ready because I'm so excited to tell you guys, on Wednesday, I will be uploading my new costume make-up tutorial for  Maleficent! This is why I tortured my eyes with  those theatrical contacts! It's gonna be good one!

Now let's get back to the MAC Maleficent Make-Up Collection, some inside news and a dupe!

So here's the Maleficent Eyeshadow Quad:
All these shadows are already in MAC's permanent collection, they are just in the Maleficent packaging, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTT
And there's a big, exciting but here......
 Their formula is different. As you, or as many old school MAC fans, know, over the years MAC has changed their eyeshadow formula, causing many, including me, to miss the MAC of old days. The old MAC eyeshadows were more blendable, and what I think were more pigmented and had a better texture. But I think this is the beginning of MAC bringing back that old (better) eyeshadow formula!
So what's in here:
(from top left, clockwise)
GOLDMINE (top left) gold shimmery frost
GROUND BROWN (top right) warm dirty brown matte
CONCRETE (bottom left) taupe grey brown satin
CARBON (bottom right) matte black

MAC Maleficent Lipstick, Lip Liner and Lipglass (and a dupe):
The Maleficent Lip Pencil is: KISS ME QUICK
It's always in the collection just in Maleficent Packaging.

Maleficent Lipstick:
True Love's Kiss
Now this was created for the Maleficent collection, but it looks exactly like MAC RED, which is always available.

Maleficent Lipglass:
ProLongwear Lipglass in Anthurium
Which was created for the MAC Maleficent Collection, and I'm not really a fan of bright red lipgloss, anyway, because it just makes a mess. It gets on your teeth, if your hair whips through it and drags is across your face, your done. Plus, Toni G, Angelina Jolie's make-up artist, created a lip look with a light sheen, not a gloss. True Love's Kiss, alone, has a nice sheen.

Honorable Mentions:
And there's also a Red Nail Polish Flaming Rose, an eyebrow pencil in
Fling- a light taupe ash blonde (which must be for Sleeping Beauty because ol' Malefy's brows are dark), a sculpting powder in Sculpt - soft matte taupe, and a beauty powder in Natural - a soft peachy pink.

 So there you have it's time to get ready for WEDNESDAY!!! Make sure you go to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL on Wednesday for  The Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial!

Huge hugs and happy Monday, hooray because it's almost Wednesday, your friend, Kandee

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