Wednesday, May 28, 2014

People Think I Dress: Weird, Ugly and Awful

I've been told for years that I dress weird, ugly and awful, by small-minded people who don't have open hearts to appreciate each individuals creativity and unique style. The world would be a very boring place if everyone dressed the same.

People are getting more and more afraid to dress in their own individual style, the things that make them happy or feel fun, all because they're afraid of what others will think.
 Instead of bashing others outfits and style, be the awesome person that can appreciate the creativity in others.

 I was talking to a girl inside a shoe store in Soho a few days ago. She was telling me how she liked my outfit and missed how Soho used to be, when you would see so many people with different and creative styles walking down the streets in Soho. She said, "it's so much more boring now because everyone dresses the same. Now that everyone just wants to look like every else they see on instagram, everyone just dresses the same and no one is interesting!" She went on to say how she used to dress more funky and fun, and people  would stop her to take pictures of her outfit, but now she just dresses in the same things as everyone else, because she didn't want to feel weird. It told, she needed to be the change, to make Soho the place filled with unique street style again!

I say:
Weird is not a bad thing, weird is an awesome thing. It means you dare to be an individual. You dare to stand out and not blend in with everyone else who is trying to look like everyone else. Stand out, be different. Wear what you love, what makes you happy, not just what everyone else is wearing. Style is about YOU! What do YOU love to wear? What gives an outfit your unique fingerprint?

I don't dress to look good for anyone. I don't dress to look sexy for guys, I don't dress to impress girls.   I wear what makes me happy, what I like. Style is just a chance for your creativity to have fun putting things together on your body.

Instead of being a small minded person, and only liking people that look like you...which is like being a "fashion-racist"...ha ha ha. BE someone that can appreciate something in everyone. There are really no rules for fashion or art, there are just people who think there are rules! If there's any place you want freedom, it's in your fashion!

Learn to appreciate and admire each others creativity. I may not think all styles look good on me or my body, but I can to ally appreciate them on others.

For example, me and my sister dress nothing alike, but I LOVE her style. She always looks classy and timeless, and sometimes I wish I looked like  her, but when I've dress to dress like her, I felt like it wasn't me. SO I love her style, but I just dress like my style: a little funky, edgy, colorful, crazy sometimes, tomboyish, vintage-y

Whatever you style is....rock it, own it, wear it, love it, have fun getting dressed. And learn to give a compliment even to people who don't dress anything like you...
Stop being a "style-racist" and only loving what looks like you and learn to truly love fashion and all the different styles, colors, personalities and individuals  who are displaying their creativity and style!

And a huge PS. Money does not make you stylish. Just because you can afford designer clothes does not mean you are stylish. I have seen more awesome outfits that were put together on a budget, which takes more creativity than just walking in a store and buying a high priced sought after "fashion must have".

So to everyone who thinks, thought (all mean girls who teases me in high school) and who might think in the future....
I like my weirdness, I like how I dress, if you think it's strange because I don't dress like everyone's a little wisdom from my great-granda Vi:
"Is somebody doesn't like what you are wearing, just tell them, well, just be glad you don't have to wear this then!"

Leave the place for hate, in the small-minded persons heart.

Huge hugs from me and my great-grandma, your "weird" friend, Kandee

"And you say weird, like it's a bad thing" -ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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Oana said...

Your post reminds me of a memorable Quote by Nicholas Cage in the movie "Wild at heart": This is a snakeskin jacket! And for me it's a symbol of my individuality, and my belief... in personal freedom.

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