Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Plastic Surgery Story & A Little More I Forgot To Mention:

I uploaded this video: My Plastic Surgery Story a few days ago, if you didn't see, you can watch it here, if you want:

I was happy to read that many people went from disappointed in me, from seeing the title, to even some, having a tear spring from their tear gardens aka eyes, once they finished the video.

There were a couple things I forgot to add in there.

#1. I have always smiled a lot. I'm not one to hold onto my smiles for "special occasions or people", I smile and laugh easily, I smile at strangers, and I just think a smile is more beautiful to a face than any make-up product can ever be. A teacher, nicknamed me "Smiley" even, in high school.

ENTER THE GRUMPY LADY: A very serious-faced, yet "fancy" woman, one day in LA, told me, I smiled too much and that I was going to have awful, smile line wrinkles.
And you will notice, many people who try to look beautiful or take a good selfie, most of the time they're trying to look all serious and not smile! ha ha ha
BUT, just the act of smiling makes you feel (and look) happier! I want to be surrounded by smiling people, not ones looking so serious and "cool", preserving their wrinkles by looking grumpy.

WISE ADVICE: My great-gramma told me, you know someone's a happy person by the smile-wrinkles on their face! I'd rather be wrinkly and happy than grumpy with no wrinkles!

Yes, I just googled how to make a gif today, just for you make this to show you how much better a smile looks, even if it's on a "wolf face", be warned, I just might be making gif's everyday now, with my newfound knowledge:

2. I've also been told for years that I raise my eyebrows and make too many faces when I talk, and that this is going to give me awful wrinkles too.
But I like showing I'm excited when I'm talking or listening to people's stories, and I don't mean to do it, it just happens! ha ha ha

Always make sure the the beauty of your heart shines brighter than your lipstick, eyeshadow or anything on your face!

I hope my lil story encouraged you and reminded you that....
People Magazine may award the years most beautiful person based on their popularity and face, but the true people that should be celebrated are the ones who's beautiful personalities and hearts are what will make them beautiful and amazing people all their lives, even when they're old and grey, and their faces are full of beautiful wrinkles that are a picture of the happiness they've lived and happiness they've shown and radiated with their whole lives!

I will be the happiest, wrinkliest old lady...because the beauty in our soul can't wrinkle, just the body we we're given for our soul to live in!

Huge hugs, eyebrow raises and giant wrinkle-making smiles....I love each and every one of you beautiful heart reading this.... love you, your friend Kandee

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