Friday, May 16, 2014

Make-Up and Nails of The Day and A Special Sneak Peek of Something Fun!

Here's just some of the make-up I caked onto my face in this picture:
RCMA Foundation
Flutter Lashes
Anatasia of Beverly Hills Dipbrow in Chocolate
Tarte Cheekstain in Blushing Bride
Eyeshadow, oh like 35 colors! ha ha ha
Lips - Urban Decay Lipliners in Paranoid and Turn On with In Synch Lip Liner from MAC in the center

PS. I lost the other earring, and I just got these and they were my favs! Ill have to go back to Contessa in San Luis Obispo and get another pair!

Nail of the day:
So I don't normally wear my nails like this, but I had to for a very awesome costume tutorial I filmed yesterday! I'll just say, I normally type semi-fast, bu these babies are making me have typos semi-fast!
I got them done at Lynn's Nails in Beverly Hills and for the color I picked: It's In The Bag from Essie
The ring, is a vintage one, so I have no where to tell ya to find it. I know, booooooo.

Now here's the sneak guys, or I hope you are, are going to flip out over this video! I was blown away when we were done!!! Like I almost didn't even want to take the make-up and costume off, but it would've been weird if I went out in public with it all on! ha ha ha
The video will be up on my youtube next wednesday, and I'm so stink in excited!

So this is what went on for 45 minutes yesterday, just to get one contact in:
My one eyeball was so sore, I could barely open it afterwards! ha ha ha h I had to take an ibuprofen, which I hadn't even taken one in years! ha ha ha

And finally with them in:
Any guesses on who I'll be teaching you how to look like?!?

And if you want to watch me do an interview and put make-up on at the same time, watch this baby, it was on the Fusion Channel on tv yesterday too:


And if you missed my Extreme Miss Manga Mascara Review watch it here:

Huge Happy Friday Hugs, your friend, buddy, pal, homie, Kandee

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