Tuesday, May 20, 2014

20 Almost Unrecognizable Plastic Surgery Before & Afters

Beverly Hills used to be considered the land of plastic surgery, but there's a new place "on the plastic surgery block", taking over: South Korea, where an estimated 1 in every 5 women have had plastic surgery.
The plastic surgeons in South Korea have become so skilled at transforming people so much, that they are so unrecognizable, they are creating special certificates for patients who try to fly back home, because airport security were not able to "believe", they are the same person in their passport photos.

The sad thing is, they are all naturally beautiful and I wish I could just show them, how so bring out the beauty in their faces with make-up. I can understand people's desire to change something they don't like, but I just want to tell each of them, you ARE beautiful already!

I do have to admit, these plastic surgeons in South Korea, seem to have mastered their skill, because some of these afters, I never would have guessed if I saw them on the street.

Just take a look at these almost, shocking plastic surgery before and afters:

A South Korean film maker said, the problem is that now all the girls are starting to look the same, since they all want the same "ideal" face, nose, chin, eyes, jawline, mouth, they all like alike.

With the rise of HD video everywhere, selfies taken every second, there definitely is a heightened awareness of every imperfection, line and blemish. But true beauty is not something seen in a HD video or picture it's only felt in the definition of kindness in your heart.

A very popular procedure is a double jaw surgery, where the jaw is basically shaved down, or cut into pieces and resembled to an entirely different shape and procedures to make the eyes look bigger. But it always seems whatever you don't have, seems more desirable. SO many girls try to make their eyes look smaller with makeup!

What I think is so sad about this story, is that instead of girls feeling like their inner beauty is what needs to shine and be nurtured and paid attention to, they are being told they will get hired for a job or even find a husband if they go through these painful procedures. One doctor noted how many mothers would bring their daughters in before their arranged marriages, so their daughters would look more appealing!

And these plastic surgery procedures are not just of the ladies, look at these "plastic surgery before and afters of men":

And, the sad part is many of the plastic surgery websites are not going to post the before and afters of the procedures gone wrong, but the before picture of this beautiful news reporter, who then underwent what seems to be a jaw/chin, eye and nose procedure, looks nothing like her natural face, which i think was beautiful just how it was.

People can go changing their entire face, from forehead to chin, but the true beauty that you sparkle with has nothing to do with what the eye sees, but what others feel from your heart.

I hope these people don't lose sight of what the real beauty is.

And if you want to see my plastic surgery story, I hope this touches someone heart that needs to hear this too:

Huge hugs and always know that your heart is beautiful, your spirit is more stunning than any supermodel in the world, and the kindness you have to sparkle with is more gorgeous than any "plastic surgery perfected" anything can ever try to be....your friend, Kandee

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