Wednesday, May 7, 2014

At Last....

Today is going to be a random collection of pictures and randomness  from the treasure trove of pictures in my phone...and the announcement that after 6 long months.....I will trying to start uploading to my second youtube channel The Kandee Johnson Show AKA Kandeeland! Hooray!!! If you're not subscribed there CLICK THIS so you make sure you see my first video up there in well, half a year! ah ha ha ha

And hold onto your keyboards.....I'm uploading a video on both channels today! My main KANDEE JOHNSON channel and my KANDEELAND CHANNEL!

Above because I got so many questions about a few things in that picture on instagram, I shall answer them here:
1. Where you get that orange head scarf?
It's a vintage scarf I scored at a thrift store forever ago.

2. Where you get that cool chevron poncho/wrap:
From Freebird Collection, I love all their things!

This was my Starbucks sidekick today, after we took my car to the mechanic...we went on a hunt, glow necklace an all, for wifi.

Here are some things I just want to show you:
Marshmallow Kebabs!?! Yes these World Market.

And if you ever see these, Dang! That's Good Butterscotch Root Beer, well this might be the best root beer that will ever splash across your tongue! Also peeped this at World Market.

This is was the best of all the other crazy laugh faces that we couldn't stop, we tried to do the tones down smiles, but this is all we did, full showcase of our gums as well as teeth:

We were at the Riva Grill in Lake Tahoe...
may I introduce you to, Boneless Fried Chicken & Bacon Waffles with chipotle rasperry syrup. I ate this whole thing. I apologize to any vegetarians that think this looks disgusting.
How's that view with a meal?!

My mom ordered this:
 Sabayon French Toast with cream cheese filling.....

There is something amazing about water, just looking at is relaxes you. People pay premium dollar to have a house on the water, or a hotel room with an ocean view....and I do just want to stare this picture...

Happy Wednesday and hooray for me attempting to upload videos to my 2nd youtube channel, I don't know how often, but this is a start! ha ha ha ha

Huge hugs and eyes full of views of relaxing, peaceful water....I'm off to go start uploading this videos!

Come be my buddy, pal, homie, posse, bff, fam on all these:

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