Saturday, September 5, 2009

Never before seen Kandee -post shaved head!

Hi Guys!...since I got tons of votes for the shortly-after-head-shaving....
* it was close with the high school dance.....
*and since someone wanted a "better birthday" and asked for some extra kandee-ness (here's the biz lady too)

Unfortunately, no one seemed to have photographed me with the "shaved" head....but here is 1-2 months post shaving (and yes I bleached it natural roots are pretty darn dark)

and here we have young Kandee (wouldn't you know it- surrounded by "giant" candy) at her winter semi-formal called "SnowBall"- cheeseball! (with her brightly-shirted date, Landon)...his dad drove us since neither of us were of driving license age...(and I don't know why I'm slouching so bad here!)

and last but not least....the only time in my whole life that I've worn a business suit! (I'm on the sister is the more "ballerina" stanced one with the "real suitcase"....I just had to use my mom's purse thing....but note the headband I'm wearing....this was in Kandee's-wear-a-headband-everyday-phase, it was either black (as seen here) or white...I will say I like the shoulder pads!

wait til you see what I'm doing today...check back and I'll post some sneak-peeks! huge love to your heart, whether it's happy or hurting! hugs and smiles, kandee


Jocelynne said...

Your blog makes me so happy! You and your sister are both beautiful, and you look great with really short hair! :) x

Callisonanne said...

You are BEAUTIFUL with short hair. However that is no surprise because your face can easily hold it's own and needs no hair at all!!! Thanks for letting us into your life. Oh and btw Landon's shirt is hilarious haha!!!

Becca said...

Hi Kandee! I just subscribed to your youtube videos recently (your vids make me so happy!) and after seeing the most recent one (interview with yourself) I had to come over and check out your blog... how could I not? I wanted to ask, what nail varnish are you wearing in that particular video? It looked like a matte taupe or grey shade. Whatever it is, it's super cute!

Unknown said...

ok you made me that much happier on my birthday :))))))))))))))))))))))))) this much and so much more, thank you for being such a beautiful person
I love kandee don don don don don don I love kandee I'm singing that song u know
hugs n kisses lovely :)

Fashion Hungry said...

Kandee i'm obsessed with that pic of u and ur sister.
i'm really inspired by it. i'm going to design a line based around that picture.
it looks so chic but i love it on young girls and looks a bit like menswear but feminine.
omg i love it.

Kell said...

if anyone can pull off that super short hair its you :) and wow - landon's shirt is INTENSE! too funny.. gotta love the good old days :)


luliisb said...

Oh Kandee, you look absolutely stunning with short hair! I think it's because you have such an amazing bone structure, as well as lovely features so it makes you so photogenic! :o VIVAAA!
I've also gotta say, you and your sister look a bit alike in that pic! And Landon's shirt is so colourful! lolz. :) It's so funny.

Anyhow, I hope you're doing awesome! Can't wait for the surprise, your videos always cheer me up and make us happy! :)

dear internet said...

i love kandee

Dani said...

You look great with really short hair!!
I have 2 questions for you tho:
1. The Japanesque eyelash curler that you use in your videos it's better than Shu Uemura's?
2. What colors are in your MAC's nude palette???
Thanks and have a wonderful day!!
Dani (Your number one brazilian fan!! lol)

Ruthiebelle said...

I was wondering what kind of makeup you would recomend for a wedding. Maybe you could do a video on that? I have hazel eyes which also makes hunting makeup ideas more difficult.

Samelevennn said...

You are absolutely STUNNING with short hair. It takes a really brave and confident person to pull something like that off - I totally admire that!

Meagan said...

So I'm watching a show on MTV and what pops up....the store on Melrose that you went shoping for your photoshoot gear! I was like..."Hey I just watched Kandee shop there....I wonder if her personal "stylist" is working!?

Cant wait to read/watch more!

The'B. said...

Dearest Kandee (:

Well, I just finished watching the video on your story and gosh I thought 500 characterd were not enough to say what I wanted. I will like to apologize to you because I think I might have judged you, but not in the way you say in your video. You see, I've been subscribed to you for a very long time and I had never watched that video bc I honestly thought it was gonna be one of those "Yeah so my life was perfect but suddenly came this grate oportunity".. you know, I'm bitter like that sometimes. But I ended up watching it cause I love to hear people talk while I'm doing my makeup and since your voice is so cute I thought I'd listen to that video while I did that so while I was watching it I realized just how worng my impretion of you was. So really what I wanted to say is you have no idea how much I admire you right now, being someone who too has had a hard one with life and someone who has also developed some sort of personality disorder (I mean your OCC, i suffer from clinical depression among other things) from the beat downs of life my heart goes out to you and I hope you are forever blessed in everything you do in life and that every dream you ever have becomes true, you have trully inspired me (: I used to have doubts about studying but not anymore, thankyou for giving me that confidence,

Know that if you ever need anything (like an 18 year old mexican kid could ever offer you anything)
there's someone here on the internet who would me more than happy to help you (:

have a good one

SacodePalha said...

LoL were/are sooo uber cute girl ever!! Ehehe the headband!! so stylish! at such young age your personality was already so unique!
I love your videos and your blog...its probably the zilionth time i write this lol..but I really do!
Have a great day or night my favorite girl on the world wide web! ehehe

btw-on facebook fan pics...I sent you the rainbow one ;)

cata said...

You look soooo good with short hair!!! and also you and your sister look so much alike!
I love readin your blog :)

PAULINA said...

you look so cute with short hair,I love your blog!!!!

ARD said...

Kandee you have such a beautiful face that I don't think you could ever be ugly! lol
I really don't like short hair on women x.x but you look adorable.
I do prefer your hair now tho xD
Love the business suit!
Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! <3

Rachel P. Thi Han said...

haha.. you two looked so cute in business suit!You girls are so much alike that it made me think if you were twins!

I wonder if you two are still look alike now. If you don't mind, plz share you and ur sis' current pics with us.

thanks again for making my day and sharing the pictures.

rOxy said...

Gosh! you're so experimental, and you're so brave for that. i have always been afraid to cut my hair so short because though i can grow it back, i am afraid that i will just ruin it.

you have pretty shots here, are those just digital cameras? or LSR cameras? especially the one with a bandana i think with your old yellow ring.

Usagi Chan said...

OMG you look so pretty with that short hair :D You can pull off any hairstyle, I'm jealous! <3
Tha Kandee Johnson Dance video was hilarious, hehe.

JasminRosenberg said...

I love your blog Kandee, it makes me so happy :) And you can really pull off any hairstyle! But i like what you have now :D Love from Denmark.

skylababee said...

Hey Kandee!
I think you are absolutely amaizing, and awesome. The more videos I watch of you the more happier I am. :]Because, I watch you so much, I feel like my future might be changing. Because I soo want to be a make-up artist like you!
Could you please make a dance routine, to a song you really like and then maybe you could teach us!? And then we could all be dancing like you? Hehe x
All my love x
Skyla x x x x x

Unknown said...

Kandee, you look like Sharon Stone with your short blonde hair. Very beautiful picture!

Unknown said...

Love your blog. What a risk you took with your hair at that time. I agree with Tia that it's very Sharon Stone-esque. Do you think you would do it again?

What he ate, what I ate. said...

Ok, the business lady suits are classic. Quite possibly the best photo I've ever seen.

tmonje said...

You look so cute at your prom. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your personal stories. We love you!

Crystal said...

KAndee you are AWESOme!!!..

zingozero said...

These pictures are just wonderful Kandee, thank you so much for sharing!!!

elenam said...

By the way kandee, i agree with the dance routine comment/request. i would love to learn a routine from you and dance it =) plus it's probably gonna be cute just like you! p.s. you ALWAYS get me in a good mood. You have this AMAZING ability of doing that.

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