Thursday, May 12, 2011

Florida Mall Beauty Haul

 place: International Mall -Tampa, Florida
why: I'm working on a show that's filming here this week & I needed to buy some things
what: ultimately I needed one of my favorite lipliner colors, BEURRE from MAC

Cremestick Liner from MAC in Beurre:
+love the color (the perfect nude rose color, i used to use it in all my older videos (sexy nude pin-up and playboy looks, mouth color)
-not a fan of the twist-up liner (it never lasts as long as regular liners you sharpen

then i saw the MAC girl (sidenote: very nice MAC sales people at this store!) had it on and I loved it!
it is:
Aqua Eyeshadow from the Fashion Flower Collection:

I love this color!
It is a color MAC already made...
all I can say is wait til' you see what I'm going to show you to do with this color!

THEN I WENT TO SEPHORA TO GET NAIL POLISH REMOVER TOWELETTES (they were out of them so I had to buy a bottle of remover and the girl gave me some cotton ball pads...(she was so nice)....
I ended up, after a Kandee "sweetie" came up and told me how she watches my videos, and asked for eyeshadow advice...I told her how I loved Kitten from Stila and how all my make-up artist friends LOVE that color too...
I remembered how I ran out...
Kitten is a perfect high shimmer (not glittery but the most beautiful shimmer) silvery, yet peachy-nude color.
Other people have tried to compare it to Naked Lunch or Grand Entrance by MAC...but they are nothing like the amazingly fine shimmery pigment in the Kitten color!

then I finally had accumulated enough points with my Beauty Insider card from Sephora....that I wanted one of their free gifts....

 YOU GET 8 EYESHADOW COLORS TO CREATE 4 LOOKS, the natural eye, smoky eye, naked eye and romantic eye...

My take on it:
It's like a mini Naked Palette from Urban Decay (which I have too) I love the matte colors:
and then there was shimmer-
silver spoon: silver-blue shimmer
satin sheets: pink pearly shimmer
honeymoon: greeny-gold shimmer
push-up: copper shimmer
ever after: a taupey-reddish shimmer

so that's it for my Tampa Florida (trip to the International Mall) MAC & Sephora Haul!
I've already been up for hours with the time change....
and am ready for a nap! ha ha ha

REMEMBER: don't wear trends...start trends! Be different and wear it proudly and confidently!

huge love and shimmery shadows...your kandee

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