Sunday, May 22, 2011

Melrose on a Saturday...went a little somethin' like this:

 who: me and Cosmo (at his store Flasher on Melrose)

why: I had to return the painful red shoes I bought
(as far as shoes go..I aim for comfort...and hope they are cute! the only thing cute about those red shoes was the strawberry shortcake red color my feet were after putting them on for just a few minutes!)

FYI: for some reason the angle of this picture makes me look much "fitter" than I am in real life... I love it! ha ha ha
what the melrose do I have on? 
(random side note: i think I saw a picture of Ke$ha wearing the american flag shirt next to me at Coachella)
Good ol' leopard print bargain leggings from Old Navy
Black tube dress from American Apparel that I cut and wear as a skirt
Old skool Madonna print shirt
Black wedges that hurt so bad I had to put my flip-flops on shortly after this picture was taken...
One silver hoop earring and one dangly chain and pearl earring...I think I got at Claire's

Beware of shops on Melrose...
most stores on Melrose sell the same stuff, one store will sell a shirt for $75 then 2 stores down the same shirt for $19...I'm not even joking! The same pants were selling for $80, I saw across the street for $39!
some stores seem to ALWAYS be "Going Out of Business" and having crazy deals! ha ha ha

huge love and still painful feet....your kandee

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