Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TOP 10 gifts for Mom: Beauty Miracles to Hilarious presents!

It's almost Mother's Day and time to thank all our Mama's for sleepless nights, child birth, making us thousands of meals, loving us and taking care of us for years...

if you want to give the gift of beauty-goodies to your mom, I have some that might make the hit list!
Give mom the gift of looking younger with these "youthful look" goodies:

1. Benefit's Erase Paste- brighten and add a youthful "undereye circles-be-gone-ness"...from this awesome little pot of wonders from BENEFIT!

2.  URBAN DECAY Complexion Perfecting (Brightening) Primer Potion- banish fine-lines, get brighter, more glowing skin and it will make your make-up stay on your face tons better! IT contains super fancy ingredients like Matrixyl 3000, to make get make tiny wrinkles and lines run look like they took a vacation to Wrinkle Island! Thanks Urban Decay for making this!
 3. Too Faced Lip Injection  (enter discount code below to save 15% at Too Faced too!) You or mom can look like you just stepped out of the plastic surgeons without getting near one shiny needle with this lip gloss!
Too Faced Cosmetics Mother’s Day Discount of 15% OFF your entire order from TooFaced.com with code MOM11. Offer expires May 8, 2011.

4. 10 Years Younger Make-Up Finishing Spray from SKINDINAVIA - mom's can turn back the clock with this ant-aging make-up finishing spray that smooths the make-up surface, eliminates make-up touch-ups and gives a dewy glow.

Wanna help mom get rid of some of the Stretch Marks you may have caused:
5. MAMA Mio's Good Bye Stretch Marks...boast a 70% proven reduction in stretch marks, whether they were from babies, weight lifting, weight gain or rapid growth...
Or at least firm up some areas where skin or thighs have gotten a little jiggly:
6. Murad Body Firming Cream...Firms skin up to 40% in 15 minutes! I want barrels of this! ha ha

7. YUBZ Retro Handset for Cell Phone- Save your mom from cell phone radiation and bring the fun and glamourous look of an old fashioned PINK phone handle to a cell phone near you, OR mom!

8. DANDISLEEVES from Ubra- fun gift for only $5, and adds a fun handle and sticky grip to all kinds of cups!
9. GIANT GUMMY BEAR from FRED FLARE- (the most practical of all gifts...ha ha ha) this is so fun and funny! $15 from Fred Flare
10. CAKE SAW FROM FRED FLARE - Mom will be the life of the party as she cuts a cake or a head of lettuce with her big kitchen knife-saw! $11

If all else fails and your funds are even lower....make mom a card and maybe a Mother's Day Coupon Book with things like :  valid for free neck massage, free pedicure (compliments of your loving child), I'll cook dinner, movie night with mom. Lifetime supply of hugs! Fun things like that!

Oh, speaking of moms, CLICK HERE TO SEE AN INTERVIEW WITH ME ON WHATTOEXPECT.COM (they were my favorite app when i was pregnant)
Giant mom-hugs.... your friend, kandee

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