Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's not just poop! Don't MISS OUT!

Have you visited Opportunity lately?

Opportunities come into our life all the time...and sometimes we think they are problems...
but little do we know how they are opportunities disguised and problems!

You have to make the most of opportunities that come your way quickly. Sometimes God lets and opportunity come into our lives, and if we don't act on it...we miss it.

Sometimes we look at our opportunities and think.."OH NO! This looks like a big mess! Like a big pile of poop! Lots of heartbreak, sadness or loss!"...
BUT really, if we'd look closer, be quiet...and not go calling everyone we know to complain about that stillness you will see the opportunity!

Whether your heart feels broken because someone you love has hurt you, left you or cheated on you...
this could actually be a BIG OPPORTUNITY to get out of and away from a BAD relationship....and time to be free to find someone that would never imagine hurting you in ANY way!

Maybe you've lost your job! This is how so many success stories have begun, people had no where to go and nothing to lose but to start a business or finally go after their dream career. When you're at the bottom...sometimes it's the best place because you won't worry about falling on some branches when you're somewhere in the middle...and you will BRAVELY and FEARLESSLY go after something with URGENCY because you have to. If you were making good money at a job, you might take your time and wait too long to start!
Remember: sometimes man says "YOU'RE FIRED!"....but that's right when God says, "NOW, I can HIRE YOU for something even greater!"

Don't let the LAND of EXCUSES cause you to lose your map to OPPORTUNITY TOWN!

I know of more people, who the world considered handicapped, that DO MORE than "capable-bodied" people ever even think of doing!

These so called "handi-capped" people don't let anything, any excuse stop them from anything.
Nick  Vujicic was born without arm and legs and has accomplished more than people who have 2 more arms and legs than he needs to do anything!

watch this amazing video to encourage have everything you need and nothing to feel bad about!
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

And don't worry about the "critics"...from stangers to ones you love come out of the woodwork and offer their "free opinion" about you or your situation.

People who don't dare go after anything in their own lives...have all the free time in the world to offer their opinion, criticism, and discouragment. Don't waste your time listening to have a big, bright future to go after!

People always have bad things to say about someone who's doing something with their life. And it infuriates so called "highly intelligent" or educated people to see someone that isn't as "smart" or educated as they are doing greater things, inventing more amazing inventions, and being successful at anything.

Be an opportunity seeker...hunt for giant "diamonds of opportunity" in what feels like a big pile of poop that just landed in your life!

And remember:
the most beautiful flowers grow out of the most stinky, manure!

Start looking for the diamonds of hope today no matter how awful the package looks that just showed up in your life!

And remember, God sends us opportunities.....we have to take them or the opportunities are going to set sail without us!

Get out your map to OPPORTUNITY TOWN.....huge love and diamond hunting...your kandee

Please feel free to pass this on, post this, share this with anyone that could use a little encouragement right now...and send a little more hope out into the world!

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