Friday, May 27, 2011

Glitter Eyes for gorgeous Miss USA!

Me and the beautiful (and sweet...and funny) Miss USA, Rima Fakih...
who is the first Arab-American (she is Lebanese) Miss USA!
I told her she looks like a brown-haired Barbie!
 oh my crown!!! Please just look at our favorite part that was not just the crown....but the amazing piece art that encases the crown! I liked the case as much as the crown.
 Rima let me wear her Miss USA crown! I was so afraid it was going to fall off my head I kept holding it on with my hand. The crown is worth more than anything I own, have or could ever pay for! ha ha
some of the make-up goodies I used...(Rain Cosmetics...the blue boxes in the back, is the official make-up for the Miss USA pageant...didn't film the part where I'd use those though! Maybe next time!)
for the part I filmed to show you...the Glitter Eye part...
1. NYX Glitter Cream Palette in Ocean Breeze ($6) - I love all the colors in this palette! It is so fun...I suggest using the brush and applicator that come with it, because it went on the best with those.

2. Urban Decay Deluxe (purple) Eyeshadow in Ransom ($18) - the pigment color is out-of-this world!!!I don't have any purple shadows that come close to this!

3. I used the Urban Decay Black Liquid Liner in Perversion ($18)

AND the 2 PAIRS of lashes I applied were:
- a full strip lash (I did have to trim it to fit Rima's eyes) for a full thick look

then I glued on top of those...
#2. URBAN DECAY FALSE LASHES in LURE (on of my favorite pairs...I'm wearing these in the video too!)
- these give the most beautiful long-winged look to the eyes for a glammy and gorgeous look! I heart these so much!
PS. If you buy a pair, you can use them again and again! Just carefully remove glue when it gets to clumpy!

1. LIPLINER- I used a pink liner from URBAN DECAY in WICKED
looks a little somethin' like this:

2. then I applied a pretty fuschia-hot pink shimmer lip color from the Mini Lip Palette #2 from Kryolan (palette LMP #111). It looks like this:
I got mine at, it was around $25. And you get so many colors that are pigmented really well!

She is amazing and I had such a good time with her...
Oh and for the exciting part of this year's MISS USA she told me about!
WE GET  TO VOTE for MISS USA...yes you and me get to VOTE...all American Idol style! Isn't that fun!?!
click here to cast your VOTE:

Now come have some fun with me and Rima...and watch as I add some fun dazzle to her beautiful Arabic eyes! (I filmed some more with Rima, so just keep an eye out for the rest..she is so great!)
You can follow her on twitter (I do!) @OfficialRima

Now come have fun and learn some glitter eye tricks....

fancy crowns and even sparklier eyes...your kandee

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