Monday, May 16, 2011

How Do I Look? Pennsylvania!

Look who got to ride on a Fire Engine?
yes, lil ol' me!
 I'm a working on the Emmy-Nominated show, How Do I Look?...with one of the most amazing crew and cast.....
here I was yesterday in my awesome, but pretty uncomfortable shoes (by Steven Madden)...
we are in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
and it's so beautiful are some pictures I took from the Van on the way to our location yesterday...

if anyone want to come say hi and meet me or Jeannie Mai the host of the show, and Kim Vo (uber A-List celebrity hair stylist) come to the filming tonight at 6:30pm at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg, PA!
This show has been so fun...for me to do what I love best....making women feel amazing, boosting their confidence and teaching them how to feel and look their best with  or without make-up!
huge hugs and love....I'm off to go get my make-up on to go start filming for the day!
hugs from Pennsylvania....kandee

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