Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ever Wonder What A....

.... "bath scrubbie thing" looks like when it's had a long day! ha ha ha
(Do you feel like this picture!? ha ha...thanks God that we have new days with fresh new "scrubbie's" every day....) If you feel like this...exhausted, over-worked, your emotions feel like they've been stretched beyond repair...know that unlike plastic...our joy and happiness can be renewed each day! No matter what is going on in your life, sadness, hurt, grief, heart break....
there is a new day with new hope and new joys waiting for you...look for the beauty in small things, the sunset...a pretty flower...the dreams in your heart~
no matter how far you feel from your dreams..never, ever give up!
You may have to go to, what feels like the "dream wilderness", the longest route order to find way there!
*So it took moving to the middle of no where to meet your soulmate.
*You had to lose your job in order to "force" you to start working or making the thing you love doing, because now you have time to focus on it!
*you've been abandoned, broken up with, cheated on or left alone...they could be the very reason and guiding "star" to guide you and get out of the way, from the person who will truly love you and never hurt your heart like that

I had a long "stretched-out" day too
it felt like we flew all over the place...
 very turbulent flight (I never like it when the pilot tells the flight attendants to take a seat!) all the way to LA.

off to eat and get ready....
huge hugs and stretched out bath scrubbies...(ha ha ha)
your kandee

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