Monday, May 23, 2011

Wanna get whiter teeth at home in 2 little hours!?!

 Whiter Teeth in  2 hours... no joke!
(these pictures were not retouched in any way....before was taken in the morning
after was taken 2 hours later)

Ok, so a few videos ago I showed you the Crest White Strips and I said I got em at Walmart and would do a review...
so here it is finally!

And I will say....I was seriously impressed!
Whiten your teeth while watching a movie...or a few of my videos! (ha ha ha)
I used the Crest 3D White 2-Hour Whitestrips...
Don't worry folks...Crest didn't pay me a penny to tell you how much I love my new whiter, brighter....
yellow teeth-fighter gleaming smile!

I used to love the PlusWhite (just 5 minutes), but I heard they changed their formulation and it's not as effective any more...that makes me kinda sad cause' I used it forever!

Now aim the whites of your eyeballs at this video and get ready to watch some teeth whitening take place.....

saying good bye to my yellow-tinted teeth...your kandee with the whiter smile


Sonia roselli said...

Ya know, as a coffeholic I am totally going to get me some of those. It's better than nothing. Must buy some tomorrow!!! Tank for the nudge!

Cairbear said...

Ahhhh my Internet wasn't working so I missed this video but remembered the old one. So I went out and my momma and I bought the plus white :(
But now that I see how it's 4 separate treatments maybe we can split the pack! Thanks Kandee for all the great tips!

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