Saturday, May 21, 2011

Melrose, Miss USA & Me

 Where: Flasher (I went to see Cosmo from this video, click here)
I did not have enough clothes for this show...I needed another outfit, so I went to see my friend Cosmo at his other store FLASHER on Melrose. He is the one that made my awesome tutu outfit and he is so fun and gave me some clothes! He's so amazing and hilarious!
 Me and the famous Cosmo! We raced through a few vintage stores on Melrose, but some of the prices are a little crazy...$100 for an old t-shirt I can get at a thrift store near me for like $2! Didn't buy any of those!
then we raced back to the hotel....Miss USA, Rima Fakih, was coming to my hotel room for me to do her make-up! I tried to film it to show you guys in a video (we'll see how it came out!) was the fastest make-up ever! And I got to do a mini-interview too!!!
OH MY CROWN! I got to wear the MISS USA CROWN!!!!
And she said we looked like sisters! I was so honored!!!
She invited me to the Miss USA pageant and to do her make-up there, too!

Then I had to hurry and leave to get to the location for the filming of How Do I Look!
Got back late...ate a waffle from the crepe place (their crepes weren't so great)...
got in jammies tried to reply to a few people online and fell asleep...

and now I'm awake typing you all!
huge love and sparkly crowns....your kandee

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