Tuesday, December 22, 2009

oh what to do....

to do list for today:
*type a blog - check
*possibly work out (even though my muscles are still screaming at me for the workout I did the day before)
*put up my icicle Christmas lights (before my sister gets here)
*finish buying presents for 3 more peeps
*make a list of all the goodies and treats I'm going to bake and make (all I can say is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Mousse pie or cheesecake)
*finish wrapping presents (that I buy today)
*laundry, lots of laundry
*go to Whole Foods and spend a large amount on food (I know why they call it Whole Paycheck! ha ha ha)
*and maybe even make a little video or edit one?!?
*and lastly..clean...bleck.....cleaning..never ends!

but at least my cute lil' wreath is on my door and I love it!

I love Christmas, it is my favorite, but it felt like it came so fast this year I didn't have time to listen to enough Christmas music, bake enough cookies, see enough shopping centers decorated with twinkly lights (my favorite!!!!)....I will have to see if I can record one of my neighbors homes, they set up a huge light display with a "choreographed" light show, then you turn your radio to a certain station and you hear the music in your car! It's awesome! ( I don't know if youtueb will let me post it, because of the music, and it's not as cool without it! I know because my car last Christmas, didn't have a radio that worked! ha ha ha ha)

Off to make lists, shower, and shop! Happy, almost, really Christmas! huge love, kandee


Geeky Mac Boy said...

Please don't push yourself too hard hon on working out. Especially if you haven't done it in a while and are just now starting again. Otherwise you'll REALLY start hurting then. Give it time for your body to adjust and eventually you'll get great results!!

Oh and I love icicle lights too!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love your wreath! where did you get it!? I am wondering because my mom really liked the Christmas wreaths at Disneyland and yours kinda looks like those!

I feel the same way about Christmas this year. :) But it's still my favorite time!

LookAtThePrettyColors said...

I LOVE THAT WREATH!!! It's very "Kandee"! :) Merry Christmas!!!

Bex said...

ooooh! I love xmas holidays too! True true the cookies, shopping malls, decorations makes me feel like I'm 8 again...except this time I know all my presents! Hehehe


P.S. peeps can u take a look at my blog...

Anonymous said...

Totally lookingforward to hearingmore glaminar news!

Unknown said...

those are many things to do!
Have the most fun possible!

Happy almost christmas!!(2 days!!)

lots of luuv <3!


Cherry939 said...

Kandee i loved your last video, your decorations are lovely!! I have got a problem with my boyfriend and please please give me some advice..i know you have had experience with breakups but i dont have anyone to talk to!! xxx i dont what to bother you but im really having a bad time.

Diane said...

Oh God, those cakes you're making sound so delicious!
Can't wait for your video with the neighbour's house. Hope you'll do it :P


carahamelie03 said...

i feel this SAME WAY about x-mas this year! definatly snuck up on me, and i didnt get to go to any of my favorite malls all decorated, and didnt get to listen to enough x-mas music! :( x-mas is by far my favorite time of year, and when it passes this quick, it makes me sad!!! even though it feels like it was JUST x-mas last year...haha.... have a super great x-mas Kandee! i love watching your vids, and reading your blog!

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee,

I found your blog from your how to cut your own bangs video on youtube.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I just cut my hair for the first time in 7-8 years! I have bangs! I can't believe it! LOL!!!

I love all of your makeup videos too! Lets just say Im a mom who has kind of put everyone else first for the last 10 years or so, and Im trying to find time for myself again. You will never know how much I appreciate your posts right now.

Now that the moosh is out of the way, I have a question for you. If you woke up tomorrow, and realized all of your makeup was 10 years old, and needed to be replaced. I mean literally ALL of it. What are the MUST HAVE minimals you would buy FIRST? I browsed the MAC site and there is so much to choose from!

I am very pale skin (light irish creamy with freckles) Dark Dark brown hair with red tints and glints, and very light blue eyes. I would love some color recommendations too, if you had the time.

Unknown said...

hi kandee! could you please do a video on your top 10 favourite/best nude lipsticks? including drugstore ones... b/c i really like the nude lip kinda look and so do a lot of other ppl..and it'd be great if you shared us some awesome ones that are out there! thank you sooo much!!! =D
it'd be cool to if you make a video on how to create a sexy nude lip look ! ;)

Kristen said...

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Mousse pie!?!?!?!
Totally sounds amazing!

Flavia said...

Happy Hollidays, Kandee!! I hope it will be very jolly!! =)

Unknown said...

I love your wreath! :) It's fun and colorful just like you! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your shopping!

Unknown said...

kandee i NEED your help.
IM meeting my long lost sisters for the first time and shes having a 1920's themed wedding and i have no idea what i should wear! you are the only person who i trust for good fashion ideas
PLEASE reply!
I love you
Im almost 17 and my sister is really into fashion (and i really want to look my best.

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