Saturday, December 19, 2009

All I want for Christmas...

since a few mom and sister (ha ha ha)...want to know what I want...I thought I'd share my Kandee wish list with you...but I would've settled for no presents...just them coming to see me for Christmas...I can't wait!!! But since they do want to get me a lil' somethin' goes....
click on the names and I put the links to take you where to get them if you want!

1. Vanilla Extreme by Comptoir Sud Pacifique
i love this perfume and have been wearing it for years!!! it smells like cake!

2. Salvatore Feragamo's Encanto SHINE
it's so hard for me to find perfume's that i like...then my sister had it one, and I was like, "whuuuuuuut, are you wearing...i luuuuuuuv it!?!"
3. Sabre Sunglasses in the KOZOI model
i love these for so many reasons...1, kinda 80's and i love that...2, kinda tough with the studs, and 3 they are funky fresh....and I bet few will dare to wear them...and that's what I love wearing! ha ha ha

I actually already got it...but I would've asked for it too! I love get 16 shadows for 48 bucks! And the colors, are you get eye primer, and 2 liners...! I love the greens and the taupes....and the golds...i love me all!!!! this has already gone on a trip with me...and not one eyeshadow broke on the flight!!!
5. Skull Candy Headphones
I can't decide between the white ones THE SKULL CANDY GI

or the HESH PAUL FRANK, i love both....and since when I'm flying, i don't want people to have to hear my voice, as I edit videos, i can barely stand heraing my own voice! ha ha ha...and skull candy's are comfy, and cute, and have made it on some "best of headphones" lists...and "candy" is in their name!
6. Woo Jacket's
i love woo, which is their website name too! i want to live in their jackets...they are cut nicer than any jacket I've ever tried on...they make you look skinny!!!!
I want the SABRINA, the cropped one in black...I have the teal, but I want a lil' black one too...and I really LOVE this one too!! the cut is so modern and timeless, and no one will have a coat like yours! I want to live in this jacket! (it's the STASSIA COAT)...
I did a video touring Stacy's store....wait til you see it! I LOVE all her clothes sooooo much, I've worn a lot of her clothes in videos, like my hair cut on melrose one! love everything!
and a nice pair tall slouchy boots, like in the picture above! hee hee hee

so that's what I hope might find it's way under my tree! And I'm off to brave all the other last minute shoppers at the store, to find all my peeps their presents! merry almost Christmas...with a hot peppermint white chocolate in hand!!! xoxo kandee


jessicarene said...

I looooooove those sunglasses! And i just read about your poor little one and the santa excursion... ha ha ha. sooo good. you're right, "poor santa had to smell him again"

ha ha ha

that's alright.

have happy holidays girly!

SquareTurnedDrape said...

I hope you get your wishlist!..I aint getting a damn thing this year..lmao.. But its okay Just like every other year Ive become used to it already ..Happy holidays

Fru├Ądel said...

Oh, sweetie! Thanx ill make a copy of this list to give to my relatives, this is what i want!!! Well, i dont now about the glasses, i think it takes a kandee to do them justice, but the rest would be perfekt under my little swedish tree! Your pics look sunny and warm, we have snow, lots of it!!! The kids are soooo exited to get out in the morning now!!!
Love ya!/tess

Unknown said...

The Skull Candy Headphones are like...OH MY GOD! they are so cool..hehe

Say hi to the kids and merry almost xmas!

take care
luv ya <3!


Diane said...

Hy Kandee!
Love your wish list ;;)
Hope you get it all, because you deserve so much for putting a smile on to everybody's faces :D

P.S. Yesterday evening I got the red eye make-up, like in your tutorial and I looked great. If it weren't for you I would have never put red eyeshadow on my eyes.


Emmy said...

I wish i could get the UD pallet....its not 48$ here in Canada...more like 60$+ with tax and shipping and stuff....wish the Sephora near my house would get some. Hope you have a merry Christmas kandee...i love you so much, your style your personality, you are so awesome and hope to one day meet you to thank you in person for all your loving advice =). You go girl :D

Modern Grace said...

I love CSP perfumes! They are unique, and smell like dessert most of the time. Vanille Peach and Vanille Canelle are amazing...

Anonymous said...

cool wishlist! <3
hope you'll get all that stuff!
and i wish you a great, happy, wonderful, and also merry christmas!
with love

Unknown said...

I hope you get everything you want for Christmas Kandee!!! :) And that you and your family have a great Christmas together!

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