Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nickel and dined!

her mohawk has whispered to me..."come eat here...if i am in the's got to be good!"

I've walked by this place, the NICKEL DINER, tons of times....
each time, wondering about how amazing their "bacon donut" tastes....

this is what I love...the mannequin heads in their window....with "icing" hair that looks like it's been "bruleed"....i love it!
this is Main Street in Downtown LA...the walk up to the Nickel diner on a busy, rainy, saturday morning...

10-15 minute wait to squeeze into a narrow bench seat, where I got to get quite cozy with the folks sitting to my left...ha ha ha
this place was jammed with downtown local hipsters, tourists, and families...
mademoiselle in her pink "icing" hair and bread hat!

after you are offered your are brought donut holes and a cute lil' plate with a doily! I love it.....our flavors were the always curious..."bacon donut"...sweet & salty, and a Nutella donut...chocolaty and crunchy with hazelnuts, yum...i love nutella on anything really...there was a time in my life where I would just eat spoonfulls of Nutella! ha ha ha
I was so excited to see a Dutch Pancake on the mom used to make them, but she called them "oven baked pancakes"...this wasn't like my I had to order another something...ha ha ha

all whole new crowd of peeps came and dined while we had our one sitting...ha ha ha..probably because I ordered a round 2 of food....ha ha ha
round 2: the SMACK & CHEESE....roasted tomatoes, bread crumbs, and spices....the best MAc N' Cheese I've ever had!!! (the street that this place is on, were somewhat notorious for drug sales....and it's pretty close to the famous Skid some items on the menu are named after some "drug-ish" names...kinda funny...ha ha ha..and probably equally as addictive...i would eat this mac n' cheese all the time!!!

I loved this painting on the wall..."This is the place: There is no place, quite like this place, anywhere near this place, so this must be the place!!!

And that sums it up...i've never been to a place with bacon donuts, smore's cake that looks like the mannequins hair out front, and has the best mac n' cheese around!

I give it a thumbs up!
if you're in the downtown LA area....go give this place a's fun a and definitely an adventure! yay for eating! ha ha ha..thanks for coming along with me.....


Rebecca said...

I know a lot of people that like a spoonful of Nutella... :)Good stuff.

Phoenix said...

I, for one, love spoonfuls of Nutella.
When I lived in Germany I ate so much of this, I'm surprised I still enjoy the taste.

It's delectable on toast. Mmm.

Anonymous said...

The Mohalk girl looks kinda like Rihanna! LOL

Hey Kandee!
your blog is kind of confusing...or maybe i'm just dumb, but I can't see your health and fitness page... boo!

Kassie-Rae said...

Nutella is heaven. :)

Chau said...

I eat spoonfuls of Nutella. Hehe. It's so addictive. I get my chocolate/sweets fix that way. :)

Jeanine Legarda said...

Oh my gosh! My aunt and uncle were telling us about this place and of course...bacon doughnuts! They're always in =). Thanks for sharing!

A SUGGESTION for you, if you're in Vegas. Eat at Hash House A-Go-Go, so good and huge! Try their BLT sandwich, not your avg. BLT either.

(I have a question for you but its pretty long lol...I emailed you on facebook.)

Unknown said...

Yummy, their hair looks tasty! lol You remind me of myself, I take sooo many pictures with my phone it's insane! My mom always makes fun of me b/c I'm always whippin out my phone to take a picture...well now she's started doing it! :) It's fun! Love the pics and glad you enjoyed the food!

MandaMarie317 said...

Oh my gosh! I LOOOOOOVE that place! During my first year at FIDM, I used to go there when I wanted GOOD food for even better prices. That and Skooby's are BOMB.COM!!!

Elin Morén said...

Oh my that MAc N' Cheese did look tasty :O

Diana said...

looks yummy- Kandee!!!

Diana said...
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Soapilicious! said...

mmmmm Dutch Pancakes...but they are oven pancakes? Never had those. The dinner place looks so cute! So funny...theme it! But I do not life nearby LA...unfortunately! I have been in LA when I was 14 years old, that's long time ago! I remember white fondant cakes with bright colors like much fun! And everything was so big! Here in Holland everything is small...hahaha!

Marianne said...

Hmmmm that doesn't even look like a Duth pancake.... I can know, because I'm Dutch haha. Never even heard of them being baked in an oven.... lol

When you're even in France, try a crepe ;) That's a really thin pancake (yum yum) on which you can lay anything you like, even Nutella!!! Crepe sucre and crepe nutella are the most eaten crepes in France. At least by me haha

Silly-Lifestyle said...

Hi Kandee
How are you??
I read your blog and I thought well since I'm from the Netherlands maybe you would be interested in the original recipe of dutch pancakes.
Or like the dutch say pannekoeken.
So here is it.

half pound of flour
2 eggs
a pinch of salt
0.1 gallon og milk

put the flour and the salt in a big bowl.
gently mix in the milk with your mixxer on the lowest level until its a smooth batter
then put the eggs in en mix for another two minutes
then rest the batter for five minutes.
Heat a frying pan with some butter
pour a soupspoon of batter in just enough to cover the bottom of the pan swirl it around so that it spreads even bake both sides to a lightbrown collor
You can variate them you can put raisons on or apple or cheese or banana or anything. do this directly after you put the batter in the pan.
hope you enjoy it
greeting Silvana

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