Thursday, December 17, 2009

I got a friend!

my built-in, best sasster (sister)...I would do anything for her...she is everything that I'm not....and she has been my constant companion since my parents brought her home from the hospital "for me"!!! We could be in the same room, not saying a word, and know exactly what each other is thinking! And I laugh harder with her, than anyone on the planet! I love you more than cake loves icing!!!
this is Jamesa, who is my amazing helper extraordinaire at my Glaminars! This was after the LA Glaminar, and she was my sisters bestie, growing up, so she is like a bonus "sister" to me too!
this is my friend Tamara, who swirled into my life many years ago...and she has been like sparkles and glitter in my life ever since...she is so precious to me...and she dislikes talking on the phone as much as me! ha ha ha She inspires me, and her encouraging words have helped heal my heart, like little miracles from heaven! I heart you Pudsie!!!!
this is my friend Teresa that I've known since high school, but we just reconnected months ago, and she is so sweet and encouraging! She truly loves me for me! And I love her for her! She has been through so much, including open-heart surgery....and still laughing and smiling, from her hospital room and beyond! I heart you rings love fingers, bella belle!
and my friend, Ian (who looks like a ladies man in this photo! ha ha)...he has been such a dear friend, answered phone calls at 1,2, or 3 in the morning, he is my best guy a brother, homey, and someone who's been there through a lot of my tough, tough times...and some of the really great ones too! His giving heart, has been a blessing in my life...and he's been a great support for me! I love ya man!
FRIENDS, Pals & Acquaintances
I have a lot of "people I know", but true friends that love you for you, that celebrate who you are, that don't want to change you, that love you no matter what....
those are rare and so special!

You want to surround yourself with people that are right for you! That don't want to change you, or make you into something you're not....they just want to love, support you, be there for you...and just love who you are!
Same thing goes for a "special someone" in your want the right one. That makes you the best you...that makes you feel wonderful and adored. That celebrates you...and helps cheer you on to be the best you, you can be!
Sometimes we work hard to be friends with people who aren't right for us. People who don't have good intentions for us, or aren't people that will be right for us. God knows what we need in our life, and sometimes he will bring in the most amazing people to love you the right way!
If you don't have someone like that in your life right now, know that I believe in you, and I would celebrate all the wonderous things that make you who you are!
And you can always say a little prayer for God to guide a precious friend into your life!
huge love....from your friend that wouldn't change a thing about you! ~ kandee


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kandee , love this post :)

Unknown said...

True friendship is one of the most important things in life.
There are so many many many beautiful things that we can find in a real friend.

You can ALWAYS find a friend in me Kandee!

Thank you!

with love <3

Happy almost xmas!!

Vanessa said...

aww this is just soo precious Kandee!! I want a friend who dislikes talking on the phone as much as I do too! I thought I was the only girl on the planet who didnt like talking on the phone all the time. Strange thing is my brother loves talking on the phone.. I just dont get it! I much rather go hang out or have people over. The phone just bothers me! God bless you girl and keep being that sunshine in the dark world!

Angie Mohammed said...

omg kandee... thank you so much!
i just want to let you know that i believe in you too so much... and i really love you and i wish you all the best in your life <3<3<3<3

Unknown said...

Hey Kandee,

Stephanie Nielson is on Oprah today!
Thought would like to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I only stumbled across your blog a view days ago... I clicked on the link again and saw this. I was almost in tears. You are a very inspiring beautiful girl. Thank you so much.

Sharon said...

Thanks for this post, I really needed to be reminded of all that you said. I'm a married SAHM with 3 kids and all my friends live in other states because I moved away. It's seems impossible for me to make friends when I don't work or go to school any more. You've really helped me to remember that I need to take this and all my cares to God. Thanks so much Kandee!

coco said...

You are so fortunate to have such great people around you! Your sister kind of resembles Katherine McPhee from AI. Thx for the inspirational blog about what true friendship should be.

Unknown said...

Wow Kandee you are so lucky and its ajust areminder to all of us that we should value our dear friends and the family we love.Thx for this Kandee! Alot of your posts are so simple but so important and we forget those things daily, youre a reminder to us, and I appreciate that.

Unknown said...

Great post Kandee!! I'm so glad you have such amazing friends. And I'm blessed to say I do too! It's such a wonderful feeling to know they can pick you up when you're down. :) I hope girls (and guys) take what you say in your blogs and apply it to their own lives, we can all learn a lot from you!
You rock Kandee!

"A true friend is one that knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words."

Amber Cakes said...

I know this is a bit off topic, but I aspire to become a successful makeup artist. How do you go about it? Do you go to school for it, or do you just wake up one day and get it done!?

Diane said...

Hy Kandee! Thanks so much for sharing these pics with us. You've made my day brighter with your optimism and good energy.

All the love back at you!


Anonymous said...

this is probably not the best place to ask, but maybe you can help me! ive bleached my hair last summer (professionally) and ever since that, every time I dye my hair head hurts when I put the dye on..and my hair falls out(especially the front part of my head)..but after 3 grows back out. what the??????? i really like my hair blue black though..especially on this post..I love it!

what do I do?? :(

Speak it me mind here pplz!! said...

I really felt that part about how we "try to be friends with people who aren't right for us and don't have good intentions for us".. i've met a couple of people like that and I still have a hard time dealing with the fact that these ppl chose to be mean to me for no reason at all.. and chose to be 2-faced and fake... i still don't understand why.. i try too hard to please ppl and make sure nothign i say or do will hurt anyone and i guess you can't always get that in return.. i love your spirit kandee!! i guess with time i'll get stronger...

Geeky Mac Boy said...

Oh yes... having TRUE friends. People who will be there for you and not *poof* on you when things get tough. Those kinds of friends are hard to find and lad to see you have manage to find several of those!

Mariana Carrilho said...

Ohh, why cant i be your friend too?

Anonymous said...

I will be your friend too!

Kate Gene said...

I feel so blessed to have the husband, family, and friends that I do. At the end of the day, all I really care about are the people I know and love. I'm glad you are also lucky enough to be surrounded by rad people who love you for you!


Kate Gene

Anonymous said...

LOOK!! its about you! enjoy xx

Jeanine Legarda said...

You just made me think of praying for someone I didnt think of praying this request for. Thank you for reminding me of that and allowing God to use you.

Anonymous said...

Kandee you look super good in these pics. PS I just want to say that you have inspired the heck out of me and I now have a channel on youtube, I have started painting again, crocheting, learning to knit and sewing! haha you have really been my greatest influence in keeping a smile on my face and keeping busy busy busy doing creative things that make me happy.

BEYOND Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kandee,I hope you have the merriest Christmas ever!
I just wanted to say that i love to read your Blog and I love to watch your are an Amazing Person and such an inspiration to me<3
xo Sharon

Merry Christmas(:

Maris said...

Oh, that made me cry, because my recent moving to another town caused me loneliness. I guess I have not had real friends at the first place, because real friends stay even if I am thousand miles away. Here are people kind of different like I am used to. It is a bigger city and people are not so opened, everybody is busy and so on. So, here I am. Always alone with my thoughts. I have my husband, but you know girl needs a girl talk, girl laugh and girl things sometimes with her girl friend.
Thank you, Kandee for encouraging and inspiring me. You mean a lot to me :)

scoobdriver said...

Dearest Kandee,

Your words of inspiration are amazing. This one blog among others made me cry. I've been struggling with alot lately and it's so true that the truest friend is the rarest indeed.
God sends us friends to give us hugs cuz he can't physically. He also brings people in and out of our lives to help deal with particular situations or to be the friend u need that day.
He knows what our needs and wants are and he always knows the perfect time for it too.
You're a very unique and special person Kandee!! Huge hugs to you and may you have a super fantabulistic day!!


Amber from Ontario, Canada

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