Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kandee + Saori = this!!!!!

Here it is! My beautiful friend Saori (pronounced "sow-dee")...she is so sweet and kind, and is absolutely gorgeous. Her bone structure is amazing, and it was so fun to put make-up on her! And yes, she is the model in the WetSeal ads! She's been a Ford model since she was a baby, and you can read about her exciting adventures in modeling on her blog: http://vivesomnium.blogspot.com

This look was inspired by the runway looks at THREEASFOUR...it is a beautiful "pointillism" design, which is basically lots of little dots. The pattern was inspired by paintings done by Yoko Ono, John Lennon's lady.
I wanted to use an amazing eye-tingling color...so I used all the green and yellow pigments I had just bought at the MAC pro store, right before I got there! I used Chartreuse, True Chartreuse, Kelly Green, and Rockit Yellow...I did under the eyes in Full Force Violet.
The Violet had enough red pigment that it makes the green pop, green and red being complimentary colorsand all....so purple got pop green like crazy too, it's a secondary complimentary color.
this is where we did the make-up, on the street level gallery space, where me and Saori's friend, just did an art show the day before...we got to use these awesome lights (much better than the "spectacular" lighting in my bathroom! ha ha ha ha)

other make-up I used:

on her face:
I used DINAIR airbrush make-up for foundation, even though I just applied it with my fingers..
I LOVE DINAIR's foundation (i wear it everyday....and it looks so, SO flawless...I used GOLDEN OLIVE foundation...click on the image to order (tell em kandee sent ya')

Next I used Urban Decay eye primer, pale yellow eye pencil from the mac pro store (or you could use white) I used MAC liquid liner in BOOT BLACK, and RUNWAY FAVE (a grey-ish nude) lipgloss from MAC

Saori and me, decided this was going to be our New Year's look! Thank you so much Saori for letting me put make-up on your dollface!
enjoy the video....!!!! and happy almost christmas!!!! xoxo kandee kane


Lisa Inglis said...

wow look at those cheekbones!
gorgeous look, as always Kandee, you creative sweet tart you.

Kassie-Rae said...

You both are so beautiful. :)

Diane said...

Hy Kandee! Thank you so much for sharing again a wonderful video. Lately I've been having problems commenting on your page, don't know why... I follow you everyday and I really like everything you do so I hope in the future I won't get the error again..

kiss and have a wonderful day!

p.s. pls, pls do a Frida Kahlo look!


christine said...

lol I thought that was J-Lo!
She's pretty... nice job you did on the make-up, Kandee!

Have a great day :)

Greetings from the Netherlands.

Sheefa F said...

she looks stunning and you did a great job hun!

Unknown said...

I'm glad that I found this beautiful blog on internet. You have interesting posts and all are wonderful to share with us. I wish to u a gorgeus night! - smiles.

Alessandra said...

Wow.. this is such a nice look!! I LOVE the yellowish-lime-green colors... beautiful =]

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