Monday, December 7, 2009

a little bit Hip-Hop

so my friend Paula, who shares some of the same style as me (funky sneakers, cool hats, semi-tomboyish, a little hip-hop and 80's, and slightly tomboy-ishat times..i love it!)...showed me this really cool site that has personalized jewelry.this is my Paula
after I airbrushed her hair, hee hee

(my favorite is when she showed me doesn't love somethin' with their name smacked on it! And it's a little tough, because of the urban-hip-hop, "thug jewelry" feel...ha ha ha
I never got one of those little personalized license plates for my bike, or pencil, or coffee mug when I was little...since they never had "KANDEE", maybe, just maybe, a "Candy" or "Candice", but that's not right! I always wanted one of those darn, miniature, CALIFORNIA license plates with my name on it, to hang from my bicycle!
So alas, I'm gettin' personalized....I got this necklace....I almost love it as much as my SUPREME one! And then she showed me the rings!!!!
I broke down and ordered one in will be my Christmas present to myself! you can get one too if you want, go to:
on the more "cheap" end of personalized things
this is my KANDEE necklace!!! hooray, my name all shiny and bright!!!

....I got my necklace for $ here to check it out:
because at the end of the's a little fun to have something with your name on it! hee hee hee

huge love and hip-hop jewelry, Kandee


Supastarrr said...

you should also check out

Trish said...

I hated that as a kid..all the cool things always said name is just TRISH.
Soo I bought a magnet once..and tore the "a" off the end haha..made my own name! : )

Geena said...

Kandee, watch my YouTube Video inspired by YOU!

yojessimac said...

Haha nice! I clicked on the web site, and the example custom name necklace is my name, Jessica! F*kin pimp stuff homie G!! haha!
Have a splendid, fun filled snowy G-Ville NV winter day!

AllThingsGrowWithLove said...

omg I Had a Necklace made about 5 years ago my name is Dani and I had it done in white gold and diamonds it is sooo coool!! I wear it like every day!! So my friend Alison is the one who turned me onto your web and your youtube postings. I am her hairstylist and she says I remind her of you!!! Miss Happy pants. You are soooooo sweet and positive!! Love It!!!! I inspire all day and sometimes need some inspiration. I go to your blog and wahlah!!!! =)
My name says Morgenne. That is my daughters account. lol I dont know but it got crossed somehow!!

Unknown said...

hiya!! i was you give advice for relationships? you seem like an understanding person and i would love some advice plzz! xx

Unknown said...


Pam said...


Mishautecouture said...

Dear Kandee,
Please check out my blog. You have inspired me!

Thank you
Mis Haute Couture

little.miss.dimples said...

lovee this post! I just can't afford spending even $39.99 on one ring :\

I love your style so much kandee, you're amazing :)


Tori said...

I love it!!! I want one with my name on it!! They never have my name on anything either... Never Tori... Maybe a Tony or Tina... This is so cool! thanks for letting me know about this!

Angie Mohammed said...

wooow .. your necklace is sooo cuteeee i love it <3<3

Diane said...

Wow, super sweet and funky idea. I would love a necklace like this, but they don't deliver in my country (that is in Eastern Europe)

kiss Kandee!

Unknown said...

Hey kandee!! wow these are so cool! and i love your hello kitty outfit of the day its so cute! :D looking hot as always ;)

think you could do a smokey eye with bronze and/or gold? just got those colours and im not sure if its even possible hahaha

xoxo mona

shadoweloc said...


I just wanna say that you're so cute and seem so sweet! I've been watching your videos all day! :D

Visagist Vanity said...

I feel ya. Try finding anything with the name Neeley on it =( I always wanted those mini snow globe ornaments with names on them from like Hallmark

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