Thursday, December 10, 2009

what happens in the VEGAS airport doesn't stay in vegas!

things I did NOT buy, while stuck, in the LAS VEGAS airport:the newspaper but not too functional

the neon fur legwarmers: again, fun, but somehow.......if you saw the rest of the store, you'd say NO, too! ha ha ha ha...i did like the white ones though! hee hee

this was the view from my window seat of the LAS VEGAS can see the black pyramid of the spooky-looking LUXOR, if you enlarge the picture, you can see the NY NY casino's mini-NY skyline (i don't know why, but I love it!), and then the plane ol buildings...
there was no gate to park our plane at, so we just sat on the runway for like an hour, while pretty much most of the people, missed their connecting flights! ha ha ha.....Lil' ol' me was told I'd be hanging out in VEGAS airport for a while this is what I did:
I set up can see my "nerd" holds all this techy...laptop, video cam, memory cards, power cords, hard drives to store all my videos, green purse from, my lappy top...and my vanilla blended-coffee free drink from Coffee Bean...I edited a video while hundreds of cowboys & girls going to the big Rodeo walked from their planes...
right next to where I set up my office...people looked at me weird for taking this picture! ha ha ha

I DID buy a LAS VEGAS pen...because I really needed a pen, and that's all they had! And a really cool LAS VEGAS, something, but I can't tell what it is , because the person who os getting it, might read this! hee hee


Unknown said...

Well...something good came out of that!
I hope u had a lot of fun in Las Vegas!!

Take care Kandee!
luv ya <3!

Priscilla said...

Yeah, at least youhad fun! :D

Ily :D

Bianca said...

Uau!! I've found you in you tube and are very famous!! I was looking for videos on make up and hair...and just you appear. I'm brazilian girl and I love your tutorials videos. So I decided to know your blog...very cute!
I'm yours international fan!!! Oh I almost forgetting... I put some videos on my blog (yours of course)
Very helpful

Jessica Bennett said...

Hahaha Love this post. Made me smile today. I love you Kandee!

laura la` rose said...

Oh my God!
I wish I had seen Las Vegas by now. It's something really magical about that place that words can't simply explain. The lights...the people...the atmosphere...the nightlife! Everything makes me wanna scream out loud "I love Vegas and I sure love life!" (but actually I DON'T like the gambling games at all) -hehe-
I hope you had a blast and that you've brought with you great memories back in the wonderful LA.
I hope you the best!
xoxo, Laura.

xoxo- C said...

luvvv the white furry leg warmers- awesome for hulahooping! heheh...ok u gotta check out my blog about being Kandee-struck!
ur numero uno fan from Vegas :D

Anna said...

Hi Kandee!

First off, I'm 15 (I'll be 16 on Fri. The 11th!!) and I've been watching your videos on YouTube ALOT. You always cheer me up and I keep saying "I wish she was my neighbor!" That would be fun. One thing I like about you is you are so positive and you aren't all stuch up and snobby.

I noticed in you post from a couple days ago about wanting to scream. I am SOO happy that you are a Christian, because you are someone that I look up to, and you inspire me and I know that you are a good role model and nowadays good role models are so hard to find! I also wanted to tell you

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not harm you. Plans to give you a good future" Jeremiah 29 :11

I'm not sure if that's the exact verse, but, it doesn't matter. The point is God knows what he is doing.

Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to film videos for us! I really appreciate you!!!

fashion blog : (we'd love to interveiw you!!!)

Unknown said...

Hahaha nice!! I love the pics. And I love Vegas. I always have tons of fun there, but then again I LOOVE to shop!!! I always camp out at whatever airport I'm at too, looks just like that! hahaha Hope you had a great flight and edited your vides so you weren't anxious on the plane! Take care Kandee!

Juddee said...

Hi Kandee, just saw ur video and it was as great as all the others. FYI - You're You Tube channel and Blog spot are both on my "Favorites" for easy and quick access. I hope all goes well tonight sorry I wasn't able to make it (3 kids + Thurs.= school night) but I hope Ian has a lot of success today & every day.

One of ur many friends,

Unknown said...

I love your videos. I am a flight attendant for SWA, wish I could have been working the flight you were on! Las Vegas airport is definitely no fun compared to the real deal.

Unknown said...

Ur such a talented ball of energy. Congrats on all your success. Take a minute to check out this these purses are 100% ur look and personality.

Wharzutility said...

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lindseytamietti said...

Can you come to vegas this weekend??? I am getting hitched and ould love for you to do my make up!!! Also ever since i saw one of your videos I wanted to go on a blind date with my brother, LOL!!!!!!! he will be in vegas!!!!!!

Unknown said...

That dress is cute, but you'd end up naked if caught in the

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