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Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh my.....

... stomach is feeling kinda hurty...and kinda like I may want to throw up at some point.....I'm gonna over power it with my mind...ha ha ha ha

so I uploaded a new video.....right here:

and here are some "super cool things" I found online while I was cuddling with another lil' person that had a "bummy" ache....(tummy ache)....
I love these thangs, maybe you will too:
these shoes are so awesome....they are RADII (ray-dee-eye)...i love the goooooold!
check em out

oh my zebra love!!!!
wouldn't you just love to see these babies coming down the luggage line at the airport?!?
you want more ZEBRA things!?! me too...these are the palettes I showed in my video (above)..i love can see all your eyeshadows...and I'll show ya in a video how you get your eyeshadows out of their're gonna love these...www.zpalette.comand I have always wanted a pair of moccassins, since I was a little, tiny girl...and these are what I wish could be under the tree...hee hee can get yourself a pair here:

and I'm off to try to make the menu for Christmas...for everyone coming, my sister, her hubby, my new niece, my mama, my aunt, my dad....and all my people...I can't wait! happy almost Christmas! ....huge love, kandee kane
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