Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Simpson's Make-up from MAC

Of all the make-up collaborations for MAC to do, The Simpson's seems the most random, yet fun and I actually kind of love a lot of it! Plus, the packaging of Marge Simpson, is just kinda fun!

And surprisingly, I actually used the green palette to create this makeup look, for my BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEW video which will be up on my youtube tomorrow, hooray!
I used the "That Trillion Dollar Look" Palette of all the green shades (great for brown eyes):
I mostly used the last 2 shades on the right...which are just amazing!
These are made with the new MAC eyeshadow formulation, I believe, they are much more blend able and rich in pigment. Don't let these crazy colors fool you, I have ALL of them on my eyelids in the picture above!

The Simpson's Blush:
These two shades are just gorge.
 I love both these colors, SIDESHOW YOU and CANDY SPRINKLES, I wore Candy Sprinkles, I mean with a name like Kandee, you gotta go for the one that sounds like your name! ha ha ha

I can't wait to try this palette out too the, Marge's Extra Ingredients Quad. The colors are just so rich and pigmented, I'm just going bananas over MAC's new formulation, I love it!

The Simpson's Lipglass:
Don't be fooled by the yellow color, Nacho Cheese Explosion, I actually I have that on in the picture above!
Nacho Cheese Explosion, Grand Pumpkin, Red Blazer, Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy

You can so DOH!, when these babies come out September 4th.
I love the shadow palettes, blushes, lip glasses, and the Simpson's nail stickers even look fun. Not sure about the MARGE LASHES, they unless you're coin a costume look, they are def not everyday wearers.

And just wait til tomorrow for my brand new, BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEWS! Yes, after many requests, I'm bringing BEAUTY NEWS & REVIEWS BACK!!!

Hugs bigger than Marge's hair, your pal Kandee

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