Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BRAND NEW Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette Review & Swatches

There's a new NAKED PALETTE on the block. Urban Decay just released the NAKED 2 BASICS PALETTE and I've got the scoop, with pics, swatches and even a full blown video review! Woop! Woop!
You can keep your clothes on, because only the palette is gonna be naked....

The NAKED 2 BASICS palette, is great if you love cool, taupe grey, browns (which is one of my fav color schemes for a nude smokey eye)...
These colors really give a sultry, smokey eye.
I love that they are ALL matte, no shimmer at all.
And the pigment is really rich and blends like butter, or something else that blends really smooth.

If you own the first NAKED BASICS, you might want to know the diff:

You might think, "hey these look the same"...but oh no no! The first palette is much warmer and has more yellow-toned, bright hues...
as you will see here from this picture:

BONUS: These shadows are great for using as brow colors too. Just take an angled shadow brush and these are the perfect "cool" hues to use as brow color, because they won't look to "red-toned" against anyones skin. The PRIMAL shade, actually looks like one of my fav MAC shadows that I've been using for everyone's brows for years!

Now come enjoy a short, and live action review of these shadows and see my wearing them all too in this AWESOME or AWFUL: Urban Decay Naked Palette Basics 2 Review:

It's out now- you can get it here on UD's site.
It's $29
Totally matte, which I love.
Great for brows too, from dark hair to blondes.
I love all the taupey-cool shades.
Blends like a boss.

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Totally clothed, and not naked in any way, your friend, Kandee

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