Friday, August 22, 2014

A couple of days of What I Wore: Beautycon Edition

Welcome to my hotel room from Beautycon and my awesome self-photography, don't worry I grabbed better picture from the world wide web...
WHAT I HAVE ON: (which was a result of thinking I had packed nothing and then putting all kinds of stuff together)
SHIRT: It's actually my Rolling Stones shirt, but turned inside out
CROPPED KIMONO: I got this at the Melrose Trading Post from Luth Garde's booth, I love all the things she makes.
SHOES: Old Steven Madden's
NECKLACE: "vintage" Forever21
HAT: H&M ( that Charis actually let me wear, since I forgot mine in the van...she had an extra one she was thinking of wearing, and I forgot to give it back to her at the end of the night!)

It's always best to put a lil  "stamp of your style" on your outfit everyday, something that doesn't need to be trendy, but just something that you love!

Charis, me and Raye, on the way to Beautycon...I heart these girls and the love they shine!

The best part of Beautycon was getting to meet everyone, hug everyone, and for getting to share my heart on the panel there...

Me filming with my phone while I walked onto the panel...

And some better pictures than my selfies, that I took from the internet:

This one is courtesy of DailyMail (thank you for taking a picture of me guys)

This one is courtesy of Zimbio:

I didn't plan on my hair matching my kimono, but it happened, ha ha ha ha.

And rewind to the day before to the BeautyCon pool party and I looked a lil something like this:

Again, I realized I packed zero percent's worth of things to wear when it's super hot outside. 
Dress: Old Forever21 dress, I'd never worn.
Black Harness Contraption (which is what over my shoulders): Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: $5 babies from Melrose Trading Post
Hat: I got this guy at a hat kiosk at The Grove
Jewelry: VidaKush & my new fav bracelet from Tanita Tikaret

And I got to visit with my funny friend and comedian, Angel and the beautiful Sharzad, who let me hold her adorable lil bundle of love...

And I got interviewed by The Zoe Report at Beautycon, if you want to see my tips and things CLICK HERE!

Get ready guys, here's my last video if you missed it and I'm uploading a NEW VIDEO TODAY, it's the ICE WATER CHALLENGE, with a twist....but enjoy this while I go  upload it!

Huge hugs and always remember to dress in what you love, put on something fun and different and go shine and sparkle with individuality! I heart ya.... your friend Kandee

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