Friday, July 31, 2009

Thank You!

oh my computee......has been giving me troubles...deleting video files, crashing, going offline....
it was killing me...because I had this video to post 2 days ago!!!

so here are my lil' thoughts caught inside this little video box....I wish I could wrap a ribbon around it and give to you with lots of chocolate and sparkly treasures!!!!

I love you all sooooooo much! please read it slowly...I love you!!! I can feel all your love and I want to thank you so much!!!!! this world need more love and more people to say "i love you"!

i hope our heart feels like it grew a little...because I just added more love in there!


Anonymous said...

yay first person to comment !!! awesomeness. do you know, ur blog is often the highlight of my day, yes i know that sounds a little sad doesn't it, but its so entertaining and i like knowing someone across the world who is so talented and passionate about what they do, AND i wish you had several posts per day, so that i could keep reading and reading and reading, so in the words of a practicing teacher "keep up the good work :)"

ClassyandFabulousbyAndrea said...

second!! Im so inspired from you kandee do you know what yesterday was a really sad day bcause Spanish terrorists put two car-bomb on my island and everybody was so scared and I cried but I though that they want this , they want people crying and just afraid an full of fear and I decided to go and help the families because two person dies one was 27 years old and the other was 28 they had families little or big ones it doesnt matter I was pretty afraid and parents didnt understeand that I who am only 15 years old to go help them I just went there I told them like I wanted to help the families I was a helper and they told me that I was too young and explain them that in these families there are people crying who are not much older than me I can go there and help the doctors who are there, they finally said yes I go there help them and they were so cool with me !! and they asked me about my dreams my history and about whom I was inspired and I tell them about you and your story and we were talking but eight now I know that I cant make these amazing guys and policemen be alive again but I helped in all I cant and thats so great for me!! thank you for inspire me everyday love ya!! my e-mail is :

M said...

Wow Kande... the more I know about you, the more I think you should write your story. I can see the pink & sparkling book in the biggest table of every library. You are such a great inspiration, I wish you could reach to even more people. How awesome would that be?

Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

How could someone say mean things to you...Let me hit them with a great big LOVE stick. But really you have been nothing but encouraging and so giving of your time to show all of us how to make the outside just as beuatiful as the inside is in all of us. Thank you.

Hombre talla grande said...

Hi Kandee,

this is the first time I leave a comment, but I've been watching youre video's for a couple of days now, and I can't stop!
Just looking at your video's gives me a smile on my face, you're just so sweet! I've always loved make-up but most of the time I did the same look everyday, and now I just love trying out the new looks that I saw on your video's!

This video gave me strength because I too never tell my real feelings en because of that I have never felt real friendship with anyone but my boyfriend.
So I'm gonna try to open up my heart a little bit more and see where it gets me!

You do have fans 1000 miles away, I'm dutch but I live in Spain

Alana Joy Artistry said...

Everyday after Make-up college I come home and check out one of your videos, which ever one goes with what we covered in class that day. Your videos give me confidence as sometimes I walk out of class feeling a little lost and low usually because I believe I am not as good as the others in my class (at 25years old and after many career changes) I am the oldest in the class! But you make me feel better about myself and the career path I have decided to stick with. My aim is to head to LA and get some experience in another city and country (Im Australian and live in Sydney)I hope that maybe I will be able to attend one of your worskshops and I believe that you will go far! A book or professional teaching perhaps???
Just a big hug and thank you from me to you for the encouragement and light your videos give to me!
PS your daughter is a cutie pie! I get called Lani all the time, the name totaly rocks!!!

Joy said...

kandee, you are such a nice person!
god has blessed you with so many wonderful talents and a beautiful heart =)

HollyHolloway said...

Love you Kandee!!! The last couple of days have been really hard, but you always make me smile :) Thanks for being so kind and sweet and working so hard on this and inspiring everyone. Last night there was a party at Sephora Times Square launching Lauren Luke's new makeup line. And I can't help thinking you are the next big makeup artist! And can't wait till I can buy Kandee products in NYC! :D :D :D

AngelSmiles said...

I looked up awesome in my dictionary and it said Kandee. LOL I know that was corny but seriously, you have to be the sweetest most encouraging person in this world. I strive daily to shine to others the way you shine to me:)

Jillian R said...

Hi Kandee..I didn't email you but I watched your story video. I was so incredibly touched...and saddened..and amazed at how anyone could treat such a beautiful, sweet awesome person like you like that. I have been through so many hard things in my life, so many hard hard things and wonder how am I going to make it in life..and your video gives me that hope that maybe I can..I don't have any children but I know how difficult it can be be a single mom, because I grew up with one and I applaud you on all your amazing efforts and you have such beautiful children and you are the greatest mom to them, it is so easy to tell how much you love them. I might email you some more later to tell you about my life but know I care about you Kandee as if you were a regular person in my life and prayed to God to watch over you and your children...I love you too kandee! all of us fans love you and are your biggest cheerleaders too! God bless you Kandee!

Jan.B said...

Kandee, i have to say it again! You are just so stunning! So beautiful on the inside and out :)
Your kids are very lucky to have such an awesome mum. I have 5 of my own, so i know what it's like ;)
Go get em in New York!!! They are going to love you so much, as we all do. xo

Usagi Chan said...

Kandee, you are an amazing woman.You deserve every good thing in life :)
And your kids are so beautiful! Your little girl's video is very cute. I watched it and kept saying "Awwwwww...!" so adorable!
Keep smiling!! We love you too! ^-^

JoJo said...

you must be from another planet cuz u seriously are the sweetest most grateful person i've ever encountered!!! your humble and kind and so sincere.....if your children turn out 1/2 as great as you then they will have accomplished something that most people never will. you're incredibly sweet and should be very proud of yourself!!!

lots of love


Anonymous said...

I think you were so brave for making that video. You're such an positive person and watching your videos always make me smile.

Staceyy said...

I said it before, but I'm saying it again. You have so much light, it shines through so brightly. I shared some of my life on my blog after seeing your story. You've also inspired me to go after what I want in life. Seeing this video, and how much love you have is bringing tears to my eyes (crying right now! lol). You have so so so so so much beauty inside and out, its simply amazing. I wish you, the best in all of your lifes endeavors. I think someone else said it before, I'm gunna quote them.
"all of us fans love you and are your biggest cheerleaders too"
Shes right, we're also youre cheerleaders!

Much love

Sandra said...

Hi kandee!:)
I'm Sandra 19 years old and living in sweden. I'm an aspiring make-up artist and just wanted to say that watching your videos has encouraged and inspired me soo much. You're soo sweet and talented and hearing about your history really made me belive that I can achive my gole to be an make-up artist even though I've had my doubts before because of difficult circumstances in my life. I really wish that I was in L.A or N.Y so that I could go to your glaminars, living on the other side of the world makes it kind of hard:( Always remember that you have love and support not only in the U.S but also here in Sweden:) Thank you soo much for being such an inspiration:) god bless you and your three beautiful children:)


beautifullife said...

HEllo Kandee,

Nope, thank you.
U look very pretty in this video.

Laura said...

Hi Kandee!
It's Laura from Toronto who asked you to tea (shtanna)!lol!
You keep touching my heart...
Thank you so much for your amazing reply/comments to my youtube video...i was feeling insecure about it (A LOT of self-judgement) and it was soo great to hear from you!
I just sent you a reply to your reply (lol) under my video though I totally understand that it might take some time before you can check it are sooo busy with the glaminars...thank you so much for all of your work. I am sooo excited to go to them...and it will be sooo great to meet you!
Much love,

sarad4 said...

lol I hugged my computer haha. thanks for this I really needed it today :D !!!!!

Megan said...

Hey Kandee!
Creating blog backgrounds has become one of my hobbies, and I thought that I would make one for you! You definitely don’t have to use it, it was just an option in case you wanted to try it out! If you would like to, here are the directions for adding it to your blog.
1.Make sure your blog template is set to Minima (white)
To do this, click the Layout tab (under Dashboard) and then select Pick New Template. It should be the first one listed.
2.Next, click Edit HTML (also under the layout tab)
3.In all of that boring code, look for this: (it should be semi close to the top)
body {
4.Then change it so it says this: (copy and paste if you want…it doesn’t look like the whole link shows up but once you copy and paste it, it shows up for some reason)
body {
background: url( no-repeat center fixed #EADCB9;
5.Click Save Template and you should be good to go! If it doesn’t work, you can let me know (maybe reply to this comment?) and if it does, (and you like it) then great! Also, if you decide you want to use it, just make sure to click the Layout tab again, click “Add a Gadget” at the very bottom, and select the Text gadget. Type in ”Papers and elements from:

Here is a quote that I found and I thought I would share with you:
“When you come to the edge of all the light you know and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on or you will learn to fly.”
-Barbara J. Winter

Thanks again! You are an inspiration to anybody that watches your videos! :D

Gigi said...

Hi Kandee,

I have to say that I agree with all the people who have commented so far. You are an amazing person and I just want to thank you for all your kind words. They help more than you can ever imagine!

So once again, thank you!!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for being such an inspiration for all the people that watch your videos!
You are truly amazing!!
You always make me smile even when I have the worst of days!

Keep up the good work!


lubell18 said...

Kandee, you are destined to be an even greater force in this world than you are now. I know we've never met, but you have seriously touched my heart with your love and positivity - somthing that I very much need right now at a low point in my life. Keep doing what you're doing - you make so many peoples' days bright and beautiful.
Kisses from NY,

laurafromitaly said...

Very Dear Kandee
Your soul is so beautiful, you are so loving and strong you remind me of Leo Buscaglia.
I watched your videos by chance on you tube and now I do it everyday because you are so insipiring to everybody not only to the ones who want to learn about make up... but to the ones who want to learn how to be stronger and braver.
you rock!!! have fun in NY and I wish you the bestest of luck and success!

Shorty said...

If I could see auras I know yours would be a beautifully bright golden one! You exude so much positivity and love. Thank you for that. I would love to do a video response to yours, but honestly, I don't have a good story to share. I'm one of those boring working moms/wives that loves make up and loves feeling funky fresh, so I try to do it with clothes and shoes and make up. And you help me to do that. A huge big thank you for all of your continued inspiration. ANd, I'll try to work up the courage to do a video in response to yours just as a thank you for all that you do and communicate to us all over the world.

Maritza said...

oh yes, you have given me great confidence in sharing with us your story. I've got plenty of time to make my dreams come true, and they will come true. I'm so happy for you that your dreams came true as well ;]

Liane said...

this video actually made me cry!! its ridic. and so properly timed, i had yet again an other "conversation" with my mum about makeup artistry and wanting to go to school and learn even more and pursue it and then grow even more from there within the industry. this is one of the few things she has never shown support for my entire life, and its hard, ever since i mentioned it six months ago. i then found your videos, and they gave me confidence, hope, inspiration, they brought me happiness and knowledge and comfort.
its weird, but through watching the videos, ive clearly learned to see how much of a beautiful person you are, and it just makes me so darn proud that your career and everything is blossoming so much! SO PROUD OF YOU KANDEE! youre a force to be reckoned with :)
hopefully one day your glaminars can make it to canada and i will deff be attending!! (nyc is a little out of my price range right now :( )
best of luck with everything, I LOVE YOU! thank you for everything, from the bottom of my heart. <3

Miko said...

You are such a wonderful person!

Char said...

AMEN KANDEE !!! Much love and hugs from afar ! :) Miss you, Char :)

Sally102 said...

I would like to leave some comments for you and am way too video camera illiterate to do it by video and too computer illiterate to sign up as your friend. So, I'll just type this in the comments! First of all, I want you to know that I think it took a lot of courage for you to tell your story. None of us needed to hear it because we would have loved you anyway just for being you. But, I think you wanted to be totally honest about who you are and where you come from, which I think,in itself, tells us a lot about the kind of person you really are. Oh my gosh . . . to all of the persons who gave you such grief in the past, I speak loudly to them - - - YOUR LOSS!
I think the reason why so many women can relate is because there are so many women out there that suffer not from what "could be" but what "should be"!!! (Myself included!) Good for you for standing up for yourself and realizing that there is much more to life than having someone treat you poorly. You and every other woman out there deserve so much more. And you, my friend, have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be absolutely proud of - you are a shining example of good kharma - what goes around comes around. You share yourself and your skills in a kind, generous manner and you receive love and kindness in return.
You have so inspired me that guess what . . . I'm going to makeup artist school in September!!! I really loved hearing you talk about boosting the confidence of a woman by making her look and feel pretty. I thought about all of the ways that a makeup artist can do this - even on a volunteer basis like in a nursing home or a cancer ward. I would have never even considered doing this until I met you (even though we haven't met!) So, you go girl!!! The sky is the limit for you . . . your past will always be with you and it will be hard to forget some of the pain. But do embrace it for the valuable lessons it has taught you and made you the strong, confident woman that you are today! I hope that you find peace wherever you go in life and that you continue to open your heart to others as you have so sweetly these past several months on You-Tube! Take care and stay strong!

Unknown said...

Hi Kandee,

This is also my first command on your blog site.
I watched all your videos (and bought tons of new make up....:)and I love them all!!! And you are such a great person!
I do live in Belgium maybye you can do some European make up classes?
In october I will start to go to a make up class beside my daytime job.

heather. said...

Hey Kandee. :)
Wow, I just wanted to say that I've been watching your videos for a while now, and I've learned SO much from you! Just watching your videos and seeing how you're always so positive and happy makes me want to be the same way and have that effect on people the way you've effected me! I show my friends your videos and they love you and think that you're adorable! We cut up our shirts the way you've showed us and everyone thinks they're so cute. :) I just love everything you do and think that you're an amazing inspiration and I'm so glad I found you and the information you've given me about make-up, clothes, and just self-esteem and dreams just has really helped me out! I appreciate everything. :)

Keep doing what you're doing!

ExabusedGirl said...

Hello Kandee, Ive been reading you blog for quite a while nw but it isuntil now when Im completely free that I can leave a comment, I just got out of an abused relationship. Im starting my blog to help all those readers thatmight need a word of encouragement to get out of a abusive blog is EXABUSEDGIRL.BLOSPOT.COM

KandeeFan:) said...

Kandee, you are the most amazing person in the whole world!! I dont think i could make it through the day without your videos! Im the type of person who likes to please people even if it isnt best for me. Ill do whatever it is that my family needs without complaining once. But im also like that in relationships which now i can see isnt a good thing. I have never put my needs and wants before others and if something bothers me i just keep it inside and wont say anything about it. I have been through many many many terrible relationships. This last one i was in was a 4 year relationship. I thought i was going to spend the rest of my life with him. I could see everything, a house and kids, us growing old together. But then he did the worst thing he could have done. He cheated. And i dont really open up my heart to many people so when we broke it off i didnt have anyone to talk to about it. Then i came across one of your videos and cried so much when i watched the one about your life story. It was such an insirational video and i cant wait for you to do another one on the whole story. It will be hard but it will be worth all the people you will be helping through it. And instead of you thanking us for opening up our hearts and telling you our story, i think we should be thanking you sooo extremely much for helping all of us through the hard rough times. And i encourage you to share the rest of your story cause i will be the first to watch it and i think it will help alot of other people.



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