Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Ahhhhhh the Vampy Vampire....
I'll show you some special FX make-up tricks and tips!

And may I mention...I've been sleeping like a vampire...up all night (editing this video...I finished it at 4:30 am....started at 10:30 pm...just editing! ahhhhhh) So I REALLY hope you guys like it...I've been working almost 20 hours a day trying to make all the videos for you it really makes my heart happy when you leave me 5 stars and a nice comment! You have no idea! ha ha

I get to use share some of my pro special FX tips with you...I've worked with and learned from some of the top special FX make-up artists in the biz.....Thom Surprenant and I worked on a movie...with lots of blood and gunshot wounds! He is brilliant...and gave me one of his blood palettes (thanks you thom!!!)....I finally got to use it for this!!!

It feels like painting to me...I love it! I love being this makes me feel alive!

Please enjoy all my hard work I put into this video...(hee hee) was made with love and care!
huger than huge smiles, kandee

I used Special FX blood, that my super talented, award winning Special FX make-up artist friend, Thom Surprenant can find out more & ask him where to get the blood at: , tell him Kandee says hi!

Colors I used:

Skin: LA Mer Liquid Foundation in 01 Neutral Cream

Lise Watier Concealer Wheel from

La Mer Pressed Powder ( )

MAC eyeshadows in VEX (lavender-grey irridescent), CARBON (black), EMBARK (dark brick red), SHALE (light whitish-yellow-green irridescent), ELECTRA (silver), and any white

Urban Decay:
Ammo Palette
Last Call (a dark purpley-eggplant shimmer)

LARENIM mineral eyeshadow in MIDNIGHT MAGIC (a dark warm grey shimmer)
AND IT's ONLY $3.95 !!!!!!

any black eyeliner

MAC black lip color
MATTENE (it's sold out online, try your local MAC store)
Black Glimmergloss in BLACKWEAR

URBAN DECAY lisptick in CONFESSION (a deep burgundy glossy, juicy lipstick

MAKE-UP FOREVER FLASH palette (or you could use any bright red lipstick)
(it's a little pricey...but it's a staple in most make-up artists can make any color with it!)


sarad4 said...

very glammy and vampy! and eerie too! looks awesome, can't wait to watch the vid! they're very appreciated and you make our days bright and loved!! :D

Unknown said...

thank you so much for putting in the crazy hard work for all your videos. I Love watching them with my sister! You're the bestest!

megan09 said...

Perfect- I am going to be a vampire for Halloween! Thanks for all your hard work- your videos are great and so much fun to watch!! :-)

Abby said...

Awesome once again! I am planning on going to makeup school next year and I always tell my hubby how my dream would be to work for you and how I wish I could fly you up to Canada for whe we get married so you could do my make up and the makeup for all the girls! I think your the best! :)

ChuChulainn said...

LOVEs it!!!

Anonymous said...

oooo how sexy!! you look hot girl!! just wanted to say thank you sooo much for making all of our days brighter! you work so hard on all these looks and it really shows - their amazing! you look like a completely different person at the end of each one!

i think you should do a disney princess look next :D

hugs and kisses! xo

Maica said...

Ohhhh Kandee! I love you =]
Love your creativity, I give you infinity kudos!
Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Pretty sure watching your videos make me all excited about slapping makeup on... erhmm.. properly for once. You're good at informing, teaching, sharing your insight, knowledge and smiles with everyone else; makes me glad to know there's a beautiful person like you out in this world.
I'm stoked as that Halloween's coming up even though Australia doesn't really take much notice of it - my uni friends are chucking a Halloween party so it gives me an opportunity to dress up and finally try out one of the many themes you've inspired me with!
Yep yep stoked!

Take care
Keep smiling =]

gorjush said...

you make a gorgeous vampire!! thanks for another great glameo!!

xhypn0tizedx said...

hottest most glamourous vampire ever. how come your eyebrows look so light here? love the fishnets. very creative

MC said...

Great job, Kandee!! new fan - totally addicted :) I just started law school and let me say, your videos are my mini-vacation from work each night!! I would go bananas without some glam in my life :) keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

aw kandeeyou dont have to kill yourself editing videos!!! i think people will live if we get a video only once or twice a week. you need sleep!

The Daily Rant said...

LOVED this look! And I love your videos (I got my cousin hooked on them too!)

I posted this very same thing over on your YouTube page, but I'll post it again here to make sure I get in my requests for your future looks.

I'd love to see a Louise Brooks flapper look or Carmen Miranda.

I dressed up like her many years ago and am considering doing it again, but I'd love to see your version!

Here's mine:

Anonymous said...

OMG, you should definitely do the heath ledger joker look and his girlfriend harley quinn, two in one video!! it would be amazing.. and fun :)

xandtha said...

kandee~~! 5 stars already! this is an incredible look! absolutely adore it! none of those harsh downright gothic black-eyes that normal vamp looks will have. this has a softer, sultrier, and absolutely bewitching mix of purple based hues. love how you smoke the violet out. your eyes look incredible! thanks for all your hard work sweetheart! you dear angel you :D

Jesi said...

Please do a 20's CHARLESTON LOOK or 40's FLAPPER LOOK! Fingerwave and feather in hair and all! You seem to love the classic oldies music similar to these eras it would be great to see you as one! cant wait!

Blovet Beauty said...

wow.. inspirational !

Anonymous said...



I think that would be amazing!!! (YOU are amazing!)

Thank you dear Kandee, we really appreciate all your hard work!


honeybeach said...

Hey Kandee!

I really love your have great energy and I love your style! My sister is getting married here in Barbados and I would love to see a look for a beach wedding. She is a very pale blonde with blue eyes..

I don't know when you ever sleep, but you are apparently inspiring lots of people, so good job!

Love and peace from Barbados xxoo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your hard work Kandee! LOVE all the videos!!!!

Tammi said...

Hi Kandee - love the Halloween video series. You do the best job out there.

I want to go as an Ice queen for Halloween and would love to see you do an icy makeup. I was thinking of doing ice crystals for eyebrows but need help with the icy eye makeup.

Thanks for all you do!

WinterBlossom said...

Wow kandee! Awesome pictures. You work so hard I dont know how you do it! We love you even more for it. :) xxx

W said...

soooo amazing!

ℓa moCosa said...

I love it, it´s scary and glam!!

ETESSA said...

Hi, Kandee! I just wanted to let you know that I, and I'm sure everyone else agrees with me, that we really appreciate all your hard work and time you put into these videos and blog posts. I started doing some of my own and they're totally time consuming, and I just have to say you're the real live Wonder Woman for having so much energy to do it all while being a fabulous mother to your three children and STILL always having the brightest most beautiful smile for us to look forward to throughout the week. I have lived 24 years of my life without someone I've been able to call an inspiration to me, and here you are - finally someone that inspires me to be creative, fun, ever-loving, and always as cheerful and hopeful as I can be. =o) So thank you with all my heart!!! <3 <3 <3

abbzzw said...

This is amazing kandee! & it also amazes me how you can look so scary and beautiful at the same time! wowwza xx

jobetterdays said...

I love this! Where did the tutorial go?? I wanted to try it out tomorrow!!
Love ya!

Unknown said...

Kandee...I am so impressed by your transformations using makeup. I saw the tutorial on the Twilight Twist a week ago and wanted to use it for a party tonight...but boo wasn't there, my link was broken.

I did get a list of the makeup names off your blog...but I need your help!

Unknown said...

Yes please Kandee put it back up! I beg of you! lol :)

Unknown said...

yes, please! I would love to use this for halloween, but it's gone! :(

I left messages on your other sites, too! Is there a reason why you took it down?

Unknown said...

i need this video. it's what i based my whole halloween costume on!

Midori said...

Dear Kandee I need this video please!! could you upload it directly to your blog or your facebook page if there are problems with youtube?? I based my halloween costume on this look and I don't remember all the steps :(
Thanks so much!! You are a delight to watch, love your art and your great attitude.
Kisses from Peru

chow bella said...

I really like it! The hair is cool with the veil...I would love to see how you got those curls. I'm going as a corpse bride for halloween, but the hair in these pics would be perfect! Maybe you could do a corpse bride look like from the Tim Burton movie...please :)

Mar said...

Kandee this look is just AWESOME! Did you ever post it on youtube or was it taken down? I've been looking for it, but haven't seen it :(

Angelam1824 said...

Hi Kandee,
I've never commented before, but I love you and all your videos, and you're amazing. You break down the steps so even I (a makeup idiot) can follow along and look gorgeous.
I showed my friend the Twilight look, and she wanted me to do her makeup for her for Halloween (HUGE for me, I've never felt confident enough to help anyone)...but the look is gone and I don't know where to find it. It's no longer on Youtube, is it somewhere else? I'd love to see it again because I want to practice it a few times before I try it on her.
Thanks so much, you're amazing, Happy Halloween, and I look forward to all the future videos!

Unknown said...

I guess I`ll try to recreate it without the vid...I know you have a lot going on, I just wish you could at least tell us what happened to it.

Amanda said...

Hi Kandee Just hoping you can post your Vampire look video again!
Iam looking forward to doing that look for Halloween. Hope you can help...Thanks and Loving Fan!!!

Emma said...

Hi Kandee This vampire look is awesome, it's exactly what i want to do for halloween, but I can't find the video, I hope you can put it back on the internet some day !
Thank you for all your work which is really inspiring!
emma from france

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